Defining Your Own Health


My 5 steps to take to make your health completely and utterly your own, focusing on yourself wholesomely, kindly and passionately. Remove the comparing, remove the hatred, Change your words, Change your mindset, Change your methods!

The meaning of health can vary for each individual, and definitely changes as we grow, dependent on our lifestyle, where we live, those we surround ourselves with and the more media influence we have put in front of us. 

The way we determine health from a young age is extremely basic, the only thing we’re worried about is when our parents are going to place the next meal in front of us, we have no idea where it originated from or the processes it had taken to get to our plates, on top of that our exercise regimes consist of playing hide and seek, sport, and all other fun and exciting ventures that being a child are all about. We put no pressures on ourselves to go for a run, stretch or pump out some mad weights at the gym. 

Getting into our early to mid teens, dependent on our circumstances, and the masses of media that are telling us what is good or not, our regimes may start to shift. This is our field study, we test out all that the media depicts as “Health”, diets, superfoods, a vast array of exercises and the list goes on. 

But here’s a question for you, and this is something that I ask all my clients is, “What do you define as healthy?” or what does the word “Health” mean to you.

Each and every person has the generalised answer of eating and exercising well, yes this is true, but the objects of Exercise and Healthy Eating are simply tools in balancing and promoting a Healthy lifestyle, they are the “Pre-requisites”.

Health is going beyond the prevalence of disease, in simpler forms, it’s more than just not feeling sick or bleh all the time. If I was to personally define my aspect of Health right now I would say, “I feel healthy when I have a balance between my physical, mental and social health”, if you asked me a few years ago I would've said “I feel healthy, when I’m not sick and run down all the time”, this answer was the result of poor lifestyle routines, inclusive of exercising in ways that weren’t suited for my ability or body type, extremely strict eating habits, poor mental health and little to no rest at all. This my friends is a hard art to master, and does take time. We spend so much time trying to change and comparing our own health to others that we forget that we are all 100% programmed differently and what may work for you might not work for others and Vice Versa!

By comparing ourselves to others body types and eating habits, we avoid tapping into what actually works for us, this is where un-healthy routines can develop, in the forms of restrictive dieting and over to obsessive exercising, you want to fuel and test your body, because you love it, not because you hate it!

The more positive steps you take out of a loving mind for you body rather than straining it you’ll find a lot better results in finding your personal niche. Trust me it takes a lot of sweat, tears and laughable exercises, but when you find what works for you it makes a world of difference. 

Sooo.. how to find what works for you!


Here are my top tips for Defining Your Own Health and Creating your own health. 

1. Skip to your own step:

Your health is completely and utterly your own, the way you move your body, the way you eat, and the way you choose to rest is your best tool. 

Do your research, utilise your strengths and think what you like to eat, the way you exercise, social hobbies, and work life. If you love high intensity exercise, look for options for that kind of exercise, if you love swimming go swimming, if you love lower intensity, try lower resistance activities such as swimming or pilates. 

Get personally creative, this could be in the kitchen, in your work or in your hobbies, give your self time to learn how to fuel your body properly, and allow yourself some time for fun. 

Make a commitment to what it is that your body needs, not anyone else, yours. 



2. Take the Pressure off and Chill Out

We all put so much pressure on ourselves if we don’t go to the gym, or go for that run or walk, or if we have eaten something we shouldn’t have… it’s okay guys the world keeps turning and life keeps going. Depending on our relationship with food, and awareness around our body, this part of defining our health is all about being very head strong. 

Building healthy eating and exercise regimes, to further more increase the balance in our over all health, social, mental and work life, is about being kind to yourself. Ensure you make time to chill and enjoy what life has to offer.


3. Get Mindful

Our mind is our vital tool in defining health, when we are stressed, anxious, tired any form of being mentally drained, or in the opposite contrast when we are happy, joyful, excited, motivated our feelings result in our physical form. 

Our little noggins are our biggest tool, in deciding what is best for us, connected with our bodily feel, we know when something isn’t right and we know what is. 

Tap in… when we are exerting and depleting ourselves that we become stressed and run down, this is a big indicator that we need to make some changes.

The ability to tune in to what works for you, and when those questions pop up saying, the routines I'm in, the way I am eating, the amount i’m socialising or not socialising, the amount i’m working, my exercise regimes aren’t working for me personally. 

Set yourself personal mindful goals, to make time for each of the sector. 


4. Frustration Station

Guys you’re going to get frustrated, just like studying for a test or learning a new skill, changing the mind from putting constant pressure on yourself or focusing around an expectation/ end result, to actually stopping, taking time out, and testing new waters, failures are bound to happen, and this is where we can give up or get extremely frustrated!

But this frustration is good, frustration is your fuel, if we don't get frustrated or fail we would never have tried all these different things in our life, whether it be trying new food, a new hobby, exercise, alternative health option, what ever you can think of. This is a game of trial and error, in finding what you works for you.  

Instead of getting stuck in the dumps about it, use these frustration to fuel your fire, and try, try again. 


5. Set Your Intention… Change your Wording

Our wording, our depiction and our perception of certain things will be our result, yes this is another “what you perceive you receive” inspirational quote, but trust me it works. 

Set your intention: “I want to create healthy balance that will improve my over all health and well- being”

When we put harsh pressures on ourselves, our actions, thoughts and physical attributes, these pressures will result. For example:

“I hate my legs I want to loose weight on them so I look skinny”

“I’m going to give up all the foods I love because I’m a bad eater”

“I’m going to train 20 hours a week, so I get healthier”

Think about the pressures you put on yourself around health, and think how you can change your wording;

“I love my legs, and i’m going to work hard to tone them up a little bit”

“By positively changing my diet, I wish to change my eating while still being able to do the things I love to do”.

“I’m going to incorporate a range of exercises into my week, that will help me get more active, while also giving myself time to rest"


So stop and think... what it is that makes you have over all well being?

Focus on your own body, your own lifestyle and what personally works for you

Give yourself a well deserved physical and mental break 

Tap into your Mindfulness

Turn Frustration to Passion

Set Positive Intentions for yourself and your health outcomes. 

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