How rejection can actually help you grow


We place so much fear around rejection, and of course it’s a pretty crappy thing when you put yourself out there and don’t receive the outcome you intended to have, but have you ever stopped to think that it may have pushed you in the right direction? That if you had pursued what ever this situation was, at what ever given time this occurred that it possibly may not have benefitted you?


Rejection like failure is a given part of life. We test the waters, we meet new people, we experience new places and we attach to certain elements where ever our happiness or hearts lie, so how did becoming rejected become such a painful process? 

The concept of using rejection as power has taken me years to master, and with that we all experience rejection in our own stride, either saying F*#$ it and moving on, or connecting to it so passionately that we live with this for most of our days, and trust me I’ve done it we’ve all done it. 

What if I was to tell you, that what ever rejection you have faced was truly a purpose of shaping you to make changes for yourself to grow, or to seek out a venture that has served you better? Looking back at my own story, I am so very thankful for all the rejections I have faced, no matter how shitty they were at the time, they truly saved my life and got me to where I am today.

We are thrown into the deep end of not being accepted or wanted from a young age, little kids can be heavy! We’ve all experienced it, so and so doesn’t want to play with me, and as we grow with our given experience this changes and is adapted to our own circumstances. 


You’re teens are most likely where this all starts, modelling form a young age I was thrown into the deep end of rejections, this stemmed my body battle, placing my rejections from constructive criticism to destructive. I wasn’t aware at the time, but every time I would go into a casting or an interview with an agency, my body would literally convulse, I wasn’t listening to my intuition, I was so fearful of not being right and being rejected for not being so “perfect” and not being “enough”. 

As much as I wanted the admiration for beauty as my key to happiness and acceptance, the rejection was my saving grace into pushing myself into a positive other direction. After my 3rd and final rejection from an agency, growing thinner and thinner each time and mentally not okay, I finally tapped in and said okay, this obviously isn’t for me, the way I’m feeling around this now, I don’t want to feel like any longer. 


When I used this rejection as positive power to find something I loved, this is where I started my healing process, found my love for food and finally took care of myself instead of depriving. 

Think about where you are stuck around the fear of being rejected, most of all these are connected to our attachments to a past experience, a significant other, friendship, job position, or the rejection of the What If’s? in our future. So why do we rather stay stuck than cop rejection? Do you fear letting go of someone, because that is all you know and don’t know what will happen after? Don’t know how to approach your thoughts to take rejection in your stride?


Think about this, think of all the times you have been turned down, how were you personally in that situation, in that point of time? Were you attaching out of the hope to fulfil something you haven’t dealt with? Have you placed your happiness around a “perfect” outcome, that hasn’t been met?

I look back now at all the times I was rejected for what ever situation it was for, work, relationships, what ever it was. When ever these things occurred, I look back and can see that I personally wasn’t connecting to people or situations that were benefiting my path, the ability to find yourself in a position of the unknown, a position where your expectations haven’t been met is exactly where you have to be, to take the other path, to find and connect to what truly is going to flourish your journey. I can tell you, once you do so, you will take every little negative as a process of learning, learning for the next time, learning and leading into the best possible outcome for yourself. 

How can you adapt to your rejections right now? Days come and go, just like the wind blows, we continue to take our steps and we continue to keep living! Would you rather live in fear of not even giving something a go based on the outcome of rejection, or face it head on. With the mind of the best possible outcome for yourself in each situation, you will never know until you make change, or give it a go! 


The difference is to only fear the rejections that aren’t going to serve your process and to be excited to learn from the ones that are going to positively change you! 

The fear of not knowing is okay, not knowing your next step or how to get out of your head or where you are to where you want to be, is through commitment to self. Follow the link below to contact me on how we can break barriers, create amazing changes, and create the best version of you!