Core Conversations X Mason Taylor

Core Conversations X Mason Taylor

This man is changing the world one podcast and Superfeast blend at time, creating a wave of motivated, self aware and energy filled humans! I was lucky enough to meet Mason and his beautiful family earlier this year, while engaging on my pursuit with Superfeast. Utilising the amazing healing and health capabilities of medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs to create the best versions of you from the inside out. 

I'm an advocate as well as avid user, can't go a day without them! Struggling with adrenal fatigue due to an array of onset health issues from a young set age, through changing my lifestyle and eating habits as well as adapting these natural medicinal blends, primarily focusing on adrenal health, my hair has never been so long, skin so clear, but most of all my energy levels are at a level I haven't been at in years!

Having spent over 15,000 hours studying the field of health and transformation, Mason employs education, vulnerable conversation and deep connection to help people discover who they really are and what they are here to do in the world. His clients stop living in an illusion about the environment and the world they live in. They discover not only how to resolve health problems, but they get the clarity and confidence to explore their aspirations.

Mason embodies the turning of the tide for health. It is primarily a shift from the external pursuit for health towards the realisation of the individual journey to unlock what is already within.


What would be your advice to people wanting to live a healthier lifestyle?

Get ready for one crazy rollercoaster because if you open the can of worms that is your intent to truly become healthy then it will take you on the ride of a lifetime; of course maximum fun is high on the list of objections so ensure you lead with this. I’d also be mindful not to swing into the tempting realms of fanaticism that is wrought in the health scene. You’ll begin to notice that folks feel the need to justify and enforce their point of view on others, I’d assume their organs do not like this excess energy of defence and domination. 

Find the centre of your intent and lead with that, have a physical or mindfulness practice that allows you to consistently tune into yourself and make choices from a place that is relevant to your current state. 

On a more practical note I’d recommend you dive into just how good you will feel when you get hydrated. 


What made you start your business? and what do you hope to achieve?

I wished to help people begin to turn the tone of their lives towards cultivating health rather than being dragged into the realities of pure degeneration that most experience in the West. I started out with superfoods and made way for tonic herbs a number of years back when I realised what they could do for people’s health when incorporated into their lives. I get to witness people building back their immune systems, feeling their organs regain power and discover that these herbs can even help connect you on a spiritual level; and that’s why I started SuperFeast. 



How do you stay grounded?

From a physiological point of view I keep my kidneys healthy. In the past when I’ve been exhausted I’ve been incredibly ungrounded and ineffective in life, therefore a huge aspect of my lifestyle revolves around building a sustainable way of living that ensures I’m not depleting my kidneys. Things like lack of sleep, excess of mental energy and overindulgence lead to this depletion and what the Taoists call "leaking Jing,” which is a sure-fire way to leak to essence that gives you a long and vibrant life; it is very hard to stay grounded when you’re leaking this. I take Jing herbs every day (like he shou wu and cordyceps), my physical practice involves releasing tension and quieting my mind so that I can stay connected to what my body needs. Not wearing shoes and physically connecting to the earth helps a lot too, it enables you to discharge the dirty electricity that makes us all so electromagnetically ungrounded. 


What does your daily routine look like?

I have an 8 month old baby so routine is highly fluid at the moment. Generally I’ll be making time for my physical practice throughout the day. I’ll be drinking at least a litre of spring water upon rising. I’ll make myself a tonic elixir with whatever herbs or medicinal mushrooms I’m vibing that day. I’ll take a bunch of supplements if I’m feeling it (currently enzymes, colloidal silver, glutathione, mega hydrate). I’ll spend the day continuing to grow the magical world of SuperFeast, I may work on my podcast. I’ll definitely be body surfing if I have it my way. There’ll be some unfolding of tension by bathing in the sun. Time will be spent in the kitchen which I see as a living space that brings magic to your house when nourished, and there’ll be lots of laughs with my family. 


What are your top tips into adding more balance into tired, busy lives?

Being tired is ok, but if you’re getting exhausted consistently then it’s time for a change. Tune into your future self, see if you like what you feel and make choices accordingly. Basically if you’re exhausted then smile at the situation, pat yourself on the back and begin the process of altering your life so that you enter into the exhausted realms less and less; there’s just no justification for it if health is the intent. Even if it takes 10 years to make the change (as factors such as jobs, family and children may be playing a part) just set your intent, get tenacious and do not stop until you have an energy sustainable lifestyle. 

If you’re just getting a little tired then get hydrated (add sea salt to your water and shake it before consuming), take jing tonic herbs, create good boundaries with your screens (especially before bed) and do not underestimate just how potent even 15 minutes barefoot on the ground can be. 

For more info on this Guru of Health click to check him out, trust me its worth it!