The Body Talk

The Body Talk 



It’s crazy to think that girls as well as boys as young as the age of 10 and under are starting to question their appearance as well as their weight… We want to build supportive, encouraging and personally unique environments to encompass ourselves as 100% beautifully wonderful individuals from the day we come on to the planet. 

With the rise of social media, which don’t get me wrong, in my perspective serves both as a depleting and inspiring platform. Needs to be approached from a way that what we may see isn’t always reality, and that each story, visual and form of media is the creation from another, not from our own personal thoughts. 

If you feel as if you are developing any body related, image or identity related issue, these are tips that I used through my own recovery process in helping to build a loving relationship with my reflection as well as my relationship with my mind on a very personal level. These steps I still use day to day, to keep my mind settled, as well as to give myself a bit of personal loving. 

Breaking the control aspect, is really hard,  there has been a lot of influx in the media recently as well as with medical practitioners in talking about removing ourselves away from our triggers. “Triggers” for those who are unsure, are people, objects, situations, words or anything that could create a negative impact on those who are dealing with poor self care practices. In simpler forms, induce them to take a few steps back, but taking a few steps back you’ll always be able to go forward. I agree and disagree with this,  this personally has to attach to the stages each individual is in, and what they are ready and not ready to do within their own stories. 

The main step or ideal in all of this is to continually build positive self love and care practices, adapting them to your own tune and knowing what works for you.

 It’s about engaging with yourself not running away, about becoming aware of limiting thoughts and changing your thoughts and actions around them, it’s about committing to living as well ascreating the best possible version of yourself. 

You may laugh at a few of these steps, they have been practiced all over the world, been seen in multiple self help books and have worked not only worked myself, but millions of others. Open your mind, open your world, It’s a lot bigger than you think it is. 


Most of these tactics start out where we judge ourself the most, the mirror. 

Mirror Writing: 

When looking in the mirror before you begin to judge or put pressure around your thoughts for the day, come back to your breathe, and think of a word, saying or list of words that will help get you through your day.

This could be:


I am enough

I am healthy

Be Happy

Be Present

I am not the result of my thoughts

Positive Intentions:

It could be the cheesiest thing you can think of, but guys cheesy is good. Write this in lipstick or what ever removable writing appliance you have, write it as big as you like, or as small as you like, just enough so you can see it.

Set this intention for 3-5 days, then change it.

Constantly run this word through your head, when you have limiting thoughts around yourself, and bring your attention back to the word. Get creative.. draw a little. 

The Mirror Conversation:

Eye gazing… the eyes can tell a lot about a person, how they are feeling both on the outside and on the inside, it truly taps in further to our being than what we think. Eye contact is always key, you can tell how others are feeling themselves as well as towards you, if they avoid eye contact, or further more if you can’t even keep gaze with yourself. 

The more we avoid ourselves and avoid dealing with ourselves the more out of ourselves we become.

The conversation, yep we’re literally going to talk to ourselves in the mirror. I was taught this trick during my mediation course, the ability to engage and feel ourselves fully, watching our own bodily reactions, develops growth and a better understanding of how we depict ourselves , as well as gives us a good laugh at the fact we are having a good old chat with ourselves. But you gotta do what you gotta do. 

Do this when you wake up, to check in and just before you go to sleep. You can start anywhere, even simply by saying “Hi” talk yourself through how you want to go about your day, how you are feeling in that moment, and what you are grateful for at the end of your day, try not to break gaze and practice, practice, practice. 

Building a positive, loving relationship with yourself is your best asset, to bring your personality and physical form into one. Choose to see the beauty in yourself that so many others see. 


Mirror Motivations:

As humans in todays societies we are all so concerned about the things we hate about ourselves, what we look like and what we constantly wanting to change in the hope to make the way we are feeling that little bit better.

We feel awkward or self centred if we call ourselves beautiful, but we are, in our own special unique way, beauty or identity isn’t just created by the way we look, it is found in our thoughts, our speech, our interactions and the over all way we live our life. 

Creating that awareness in boosting yourself up rather than bringing yourself down for what you think are your “faults”, bring yourself up by stating what you actually love about yourself and voice it. Yes this is going to be awkward at first, but who cares, this is between you and you alone. If you’re not at a stage to do this, that’s completely fine, there is no wrong or right in this process, just take baby steps. 

Here’s my task for you, before you judge your reflection change your wording to receive a greater good.

“I am beautiful”

“I am the best version of myself”

“I have beautiful eye’s”

“ I love that I have a caring mind” 

" I am grateful for my legs for where they take me each day"

I used to have an issue around my legs, for 2 solid months I would wake up every morning stand in the mirror, and repeat 

“I love my legs, they have taken me to so many places, to meet so many people and have gotten me where I am today, they are completely and utterly my own” 



Mental Awareness: 

Bring yourself in to reward the out.

In simpler forms, in being able to find identity we want to build confidence completely and utterly around ourselves and our thoughts.

As much of a cliche as my next list may be, this stuff defiantly is not a joke, it works wonders…

Bringing ourself back to, building awareness around our thoughts and actions is all about grounding and building everyday presence.

The best ways that worked for me was engaging in:

Meditation and Yoga Classes:

go into your local yoga studio and have a chat

tell them how your feeling

listen to mediations on youtube and find what works for you

or research for local mediation studios 

Listening to Podcasts:

podcasts are a brilliant way in growing your knowledge 

taking your mind away from whisking away and bringing it back to in depth thinking

literally type in anything you enjoy, love or want to learn about (I highly suggest, “how things work”)

Reading self help or inspo books

Find your niche, find your person, find who relates to you.

My favourite are spirit junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein 

Ancient Wisdoms to Modern Health 

The Alchemist 


Engaging and practicing not stop mindfulness. 


The above practices got me out of very dark times in my life, I gave up many a time, but the little bits I did attach myself too were helping even if I didn’t realise. I began to build awareness within myself, and with many trial and error began to change my actions and reactions to certain situations. 


The Routine Rumble:

Anyone dealing with strict routines about maintaining your ideal body will know that they are bloody hard to break, but even harder to keep up with both mentally and physically. You are continually having a boxing match with your physical form and your mind, out of the fear of breaking these routines. 

You’ll soon get to a point, where these routines will no longer serve you, and by working on your mental awareness will be able to depict if these routines still suit your current situation. 

Build routines out of love and respect for your body, treat yourself and put your body through the paces that are going to benefit it, not stress and deplete it. 

Treat yourself just like you would like to be treated by someone else. 


The removal process, in connection with breaking routines, this is all about breaking habits, and this can be scary. Counting, weighing, judging the three biggest controls. Slowly removing these habits out of your days, and “counter” counting what you usually would to maintain control, start counting all the good things you do for yourself, start weighing out the pro’s in your life to level out the cons and swap that judgement for a positive, no matter what. Create yourself a self care routine.


If your having trouble with building positive routines in improving your relationship with your body, contact me for my Body Awareness Coaching Packages, small changes, everyday.