The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act: The Six Ticks

There are many components in our lives, in which make us tick, make us who we are and make us evolve, they govern our day to day lives, but how do we find the balance in them all?

We tend to steer towards one or the other, these factors are shaped differently for each and every individual and our personal circumstances. We tend to want what we can’t have, we see the person that seems to have all the time in the world to exercise or do what they love, we envy the person with the job we want, we resonate with other peoples happiness beyond our own, we seem to focus on everyone else’s balance but our own. 

The following are all components in which make up our time, it looks at how we fuel, move, think and act towards ourselves. This is no easy task in such a high paced lifestyle but once building awareness, making commitments/ time to do the things we want to and appreciating what little changes you can create for yourself, can make our days that little bit easier. When we teeter whole heartedly and completely on one factor, we can begin to resonate and build fear around another, to combine them all as one to create overall healthy balance and see them as a cohesive team, rather than separate factors, creates and over-all goal and intention.  


The Essential Factors of Balancing our Wellness


Eating: How we fuel ourselves 

How we nourish, creates around 80% of our over all health and wellness, if we exercise well, have good social, work and rest practices but don’t fuel ourselves correctly, this can throw our personal health out the window. 

Learning to nourish for our own shape, mind and lifestyle can create positive direction into owning our own skin, and creating a practice that is completely our own. 

What are you consuming, is it making you feel good? How can you make your nutrition a priority?


Movement: The way we move our bodies

Our bodies are built to move, they are built to be tested by our surroundings and governing elements.

The ability to not move can lead not only to physical boredom and health impairments but limit our minds to rejuvenate.

Fitness is an essential in building happy hormones in our lives, it gives us the ability to escape limiting thoughts, and push past not only physical but mental barriers as well.

Without creating obsessive un-healthy fitness regimes, how can you attach to what your own body can handle? Move to your own beat, some of us can run for miles, or sprint short distances, some of us can lift dumb bells others of us can do head stands, no matter what your ability, move to your own beat. 


Time Out: How we rest and rejuvenate 

The ability to give ourselves time to just be, to enjoy to comfort of stopping and enjoying the small things.  

Tune in and listen... are you pushing yourself for the love of your body, or because you think you will be less than if you break these routines, stop and think is it time to rest?


Successes: Fulfilment in what we do, where our passions lie!

The word success can mean many a thing, we can see this around a $, our possessions, our happiness, our ability to be authentic. 

Success in this aspect is connecting and engaging in our passions, those little things that make us not think of our work as a job, but of our job as our life’s work. 

Engage and put your heart where your happiness lies, remove the toxicity of having success around a material good and shape it around your happiness. 

Relationships: Social and personal connections with others

The way in which we work, live, love and relate with others, is a part of life.

It shapes the way we live, how we communicate and who we connect to in fulfilling our day to day lives with the best possible conversations, energies and outcomes for both parties. 

Making time to be with the people we love, and with people that bring out the best versions of ourselves, creates motivation for making change. 

Think about who you surround yourself with, do they make you thrive, are you making enough time for those you love?


Self Love: Kindness and Mindfulness with our thoughts 

The most important factor of all, to be kind to ourselves, to take the pressure of all the other elements and coming back to ourselves. Tapping in when connecting to the other 5 factors, can not only shape our internal feelings, but build better decisions and lifestyle habits around or food, movements, work, relationships and ability to practice self care. 

“ If we are not kind to ourselves we can’t be kind to others or our practices. ”

Below is a page for my wellness organisation chart that I give to my clients. Focusing wholesomely and completely around YOU, jot down in your diary something to achieve via all of these "ticks". They don't have to be milestone achievements... Just small steps everyday! 

Wellness Organisation Chart

Wellness Organisation Chart

As much as I try not to plan my days bit by bit, and allow for things to happen as they are, setting an intention for Wellness Organisation is an excuse. Creating a Wellness Diary or Chart, you set yourself a commitment, to attend, make change and create positive change for your weeks ahead, this is also a good way to track your progress, from where you started, to where you are now and where you want to be. You shape your vision on where to make positive change, where you haven’t committed to what you intended, and appreciate what you have done. 



Here’s how to set it out:

List of things to fill your days

I’ll write a list on my phone or in my diary of things that bring me too, make me thrive, or that I can include to help me become more effective in what I’m doing, connecting to the six aspects of healthy balance (as seen above).

I’ll write a select few I know I can achieve within the week a head and give them a select day. If I don't achieve them that's fine, tune in and listen to what your body is needing. 

This could be anything from going for a walk, cooking 3-4 times a week, reading a book, having a bath, listening to a podcast, catching up with a friend or family member I haven’t seen in a long time. 


2. Chart to tick off

Get yourself a diary specifically for your well-being, or happily add it in to your personal work diary. 

Make sure these are clear! Nothing to do with work, nothing to do with others, specifically for you! 


3. Personal, Physical and Mental commitments

- Set a range of commitments, something that will fuel your personality, something you may have done when you were younger that you haven’t engaged in, in a long time, some form of activity to get your body moving, and a mental commitment to give yourself rest from work and limiting thoughts. 

What did you used to love to do, what would take your mind away from everything? 

Drawing, reading, kicking the ball, find the ease in the simplicities! 


4. Time with no organisation

Set days you want to engage in something, but don’t write down what it is, see how you can create your own happiness on the spot.

This can be confronting, but my best tip is to just get started and do something, no matter what it may be, see where you end up without a plan! 


5. “Tap into what you are needing in that day, is it for you, is it for exercise, is it to balance”

Take the pressure off, if you have set yourself, for example just health related goals around exercise and have set yourself a class to attend to every day, this will begin to consume your thoughts, around the outcome of not achieving this, and you may burn out. Tap in to how you are feeling, if you feel like you need rest, give yourself, rest or simply engage in a low paced walk or stretching. 

Awareness of Balance is the key outcome for this! 


Get it going!

There’s no excuse around making change, there is only the excuse of not starting. There is no right or wrong way of engaging into something new, it’s about making the commitment of breaking old habits into new ones, in order to find a healthy balance, and achieve cohesiveness in these factors that make up our days. 

Enjoy !

Struggling to find your own balance? Stuck in routines both physically and mentally that you want to change? Contact me for my 1 to 1 coaching program! We will work together to build you a specialised package, catered to your specific wants and needs! 

Sammie x