Where to begin?

Where to begin? A question we all ask ourselves at some point or multiple points within our lives! We can justify every and any reason of why we can't take the next step, but come on, enough excuses! Would you rather stay stuck in routines or a mentality that you're not happy in, or simply create little steps each day to help you get to where you want to be, if so read on! 

The aspect of feeling stuck isn’t always fun. I determine stuck as a feeling of sticking to similar routines and having the conscious awareness that these routines aren’t what you want to be doing each day. Your passions, feelings and desires aren’t being met where ever you are right now, “but how do I even start something I want to do”. That line my friends is one of the most common questions I get asked by my clients, and most of all are thinking it, right?

We build comfort around conformity, because we are scared of change, scared of peoples opinions, even scared of our own opinions sometimes if they are a little different, or just literally don’t want to start, or you may feel like you already have it, and thats bloody great, we each go at our own pace, but you will know when you are ready to start and attach to what you love doing. 

Coming out of conformity and testing the norm is where we thrive! Being and living in the normal can become boring, that how ever, depends on what we define as normal. I have people tell me, I really love doing, this and I’m going to do something with it one day, but I have work, I have others commitments, I have a,b,c,d,e,f,g. It really doesn’t sound like you love it that much if you are occupying your time with all those hundreds of other things!

Yes fair enough we have to pay bills, to go about our non stop lives of today, but why don’t work in something you love doing? Most of the problem is we all want to start at the top, we don’t want to do the dirty work, but the dirty work is the beginning, without the dirty work you won’t obtain the value of your cause, you won’t obtain part of the steps needed to get there, if we can just change our views around being at the bottom, to just beginning our journey, we all would’ve started what we loved doing a lot faster, and by the time we finished making up excuses, may have already got there!



So Where to begin? Take your thought, take this thought as your most fulfilling outcome! What would it look like? How would you feel? What would it mean to you as a person if you were doing what you loved straight away? Write it down. 

For me I had a few thoughts, I knew I always loved helping people, I knew I loved food and cooking and I knew I had something to give from my past experiences. I found myself in routines of jobs and work of course to obtain the funds needed to support my weekend antics, travel and copious amounts of cafe breakfast dates with friends, but these routines would always bring me back to the kitchen or reading about mental health topics, coaching and just initially things I wanted to learn about.

I had always worked in hospitality, and for anyone who works in hospitality, its long hours, putting on a smiling face on an early Sunday morning when you have had a few too many drinks the night before, meeting and obtaining to customer requests, and the dreaded double shift.. but I honestly wouldn’t have had it any other way. In comparison to a few jobs I tested out in an office.. I couldn’t stand it, I had apprehension around every aspect off it, I missed that face to face contact, and I couldn’t stand sitting down for long periods of time. How ever I look back now and I thank myself for testing out these alternatives as I would have never known what that experience of work would have been like and probably always questioned it, but it surely made it clear as day that my field was to be on my feet, be hands on and have that facial appeal with my clients.  

So don’t question anything you have done, it will help shape your future, but now “Just Start”. That’s the image that came to my mind when starting “The Core Health”, I told myself to just start, I found myself telling people all the time, that I was going to be a health coach, that I was going to start a food blog, that I was going to write books” even if I actually hadn’t started those things, I was living in my thoughts, and started the process to get there, and am stilling adding to those processes to get there. 

“But what will people say about you doing this? Haven’t you had people bag you out? Don’t you care about what people will think”? The common thread of why so many people take so long to do what they love, they are living in the expectations of others, hearts and desires beyond their own! Trust me I used to think the exact same thing, my insecurities ruled my life, I was in routines that were detrimental to my health, and stuck to a job that was a visionary outcome I thought would make my life happy, but it surely did not.

By going through these things, I learnt that if you love something so much, and have such passion for it, if you are authentic in your word as well as actions people won’t question it in a rude way, they will question in awe and wonder. Yes I have had people question what I do, being called rabbit girl because I just love my plant based cooking, always brings a good laugh, and that is my one key, laugh and choose to not think for others but to think for yourself. You are not living their path and they are not living yours, stick to your goals and activities and those questions in the back of your mind will slowly whither away. 


Make your passion your purpose. That is my answer to “Where do I even begin”. I went to an amazing talk on my travels to the states this year, I was lucky enough to attend Oprah Winfrey’s (I know Oprah!) Super Soul Sessions, a collective group of amazing self help authors, and influencers all under the one roof. In particular for this post, I attached to Wes Moore’s talk (look him up great guy), he spoke about the comparison between “Your Job and Your Work”. In shorter context what you are doing because you thought society said this is your job, but your work is something that occupies all your free time. For example I work as an accountant but I love making films, this all taps into where our desires lie, is it around a $? (you can most definately make that from your work), or is it completely focused around the fact that doing this as your work makes you feel like you belong, and feeds your desires.  

So question, how are you going to start? 

Do you have an idea of what you want to start? 

What steps can you take right now to help you start? 

What can you change to help influence this start?

What ever it is that you that you want to “Begin”, it could be in business form or even within yourself in a physical or cognitive aspect, just start. Look at where you are now, are you forming and morphing to what other people want you to be or what you yourself want you to be?

Go about your day as if you are already doing it, write down what ever motivates you, what ever ideas pop into your head about creating this idea, because before you know it, ideas become reality, and reality becomes your work, and your work becomes your life! So no more excuses.. just  begin. 

I work closely with clients to achieve these goals, what ever they may be! Sometimes we just need a little help to get there! Click the link below to contact me about my coaching packages. Soo go on.. just begin!