Beating the Stereotype

 How to embrace every element of who you are, by practicing four simple steps each and every day! 

For years I battled all the elements in which made up my life, I had my hippy side, my model side, my green juice/ vegan girl side, my tom boy side and the party side, I found a loss with my identity and found myself at a par with finding and justifying who I was, created every form of reasoning under the sun to why I couldn’t bring every element into my being.. which lead into spirals and obsessions of each side. Saying to myself, I can’t act like this because it will contrast with this side of me, I can’t be like this because it will portray a bad image for this side, this process became exhausting, I felt like I had self created multi- personalities for certain situations. How ever there was always one key determining factor, I was completely me in speech, in soul and in presence. 

We can all judge the outside world for creating a facade for how we have to be, how we have to act, and what pre-requisites come with being a health ambassador, a political influencer, or what ever occupation you are in, but ultimately, we have to bring our authenticity with the best intent and best focus in all that we do, focusing on our own path to bring about who we actually are into our every day lives, we have to bring the simplicities of being wholesomely US. 

For years, and honestly probably up until the beginning of this year I decided to say F%&K IT, I am who I am and I nurture every element in which has created me to be who I am today, some I have dreaded, some I state as a political issue within my own mind and others I know it’s who I am on and off the screen. We can’t be the same from when we are born, life is about testing, life is about change and life is about learning what does and doesn’t serve us, we grow, we nurture ourselves and we adapt to our circumstances, with compassion and positive intent.


I stopped thinking about what I thought others wanted from me and started thinking about what I wanted from me,

What things would make me happy where ever I went, how I would feel to be happy in my surroundings, to stop comparing, start loving and being able to create my own niche, by just being myself. To remove the thought of being and becoming someone, to just living my days as they came, what they presented me with, and by combining my passions into my present. 

Changing the judgement.. to first change the judgement of our processes and the many elements, personalities and attributes in who make us who we are we have to remove the friction within ourselves to further more reduce the judgement we place on our outside world for being a certain way. By doing this, we can see completely the stories we create in our own heads, and depict them as not being reality but just a form of our personality. 

With saying this though, you have to trust within what you are offering is 100% authentically you, and that you are creating space, vision and intent of spreading kindness and happiness, not destruction, with being lovingly sensitive to others and their attributes also. 

We have to respect that we are on our own path, a unique, crazy and amazing one, not living in the life or thoughts of others, to live in a world that is completely our own that other people are in, but not within our own space. 
To be ourselves is the most wonderful attribute one can have, what ever makes you feel yourself, connect to.

The question I began to ask myself and kind of make a social test was when people began to question, If i hadn’t had my eyebrows done, why and how much I was drinking because I preach health and wellness, If I wasn’t wearing makeup, and the list goes on, not in the terms to make a statement, but to almost see what was and wasn’t socially acceptable, or what points made people question our long held beliefs of what we should, look, say and act like. 


I stopped questioning their questions and putting a story around my point of difference, and simply just started saying that is okay, this is what I want to do, this is what is going to make me feel wholesomely and completely my own, If I can sit a be among, so many different people, who look different, who act different, and see the world differently to me, appreciating who they are with judgement but simply stick to my own beat, and be there in peace, then I have achieved exactly what it means to be in my own niche. People will love you for you, whether you do what ever you do to make you feel content. Connect with the elements of yourself that are going to nourish your journey, as well as the people, surroundings and future that will nourish your process, appreciate the differences, and practice the following for yourself and towards others.


These four elements have honestly changed my life, in the ways of seeing, giving and receiving nothing but good, in every present moment of your day. What you speak is what you feel, what you feel is what you are, and what you give is what you shall receive from others, as well as in every form of what you do. 

Practice loving kindness: before we judge we create a mindset of giving and receiving love, to any given person, to receive this in return.


Appreciate Equality: to see everyone as equal, no matter who they are, what they look like, to dis-clude how they may once have treated themselves. We are all on an equal playing field, we are all made up of the same foundations, just with a few different little aspects. To seek pure equality we must escape from avereding or clinging on to a particular thought of what is not equal.


Compassion: compassionate for each individuals process, including our own. To have an intent that all be free from suffering and despair


Joy: The ability to practice joy, a connected feeling of being completely and utterly happy within all elements of life and attributes of others. Practicing and giving joy to help in counter acting jealousy and becoming more openly kindly aware rather than self focused and centered. Taking our actions to further more help others and in turn ourselves.


Embrace your niche, what you offer authentically to yourself and to others, and trust and love your process. 

How can you practice loving kindness, equality for all, be compassionate as well as embrace joy in everything that you do? 


Having identity issues that are affecting your day to day life? Do you have a vision of where you want to be but aren't sure what steps to take next? Click the contact button and I'll send you through my program run sheet, much love and health Sammie xx