Welcoming the New Year

Hello 2018

If you're like me and you've stop to think the past year has flown by, it's time to stop and realise how much we have all transformed and everything that has occurred over the past 12 months! Whether we have experienced both good and bad situations how can we take all that we have learnt, look at the things that we know are and aren't serving us anymore and begin to welcome the new year with positive open arms for ourselves! 

This post looks at connecting to the best outcome for our future selves, by nourishing our journey in the best ways possible, so we can look back and be thankful for all that we have done for ourselves to get us to where we are wanting to be. So instead of waiting for the 1st of January, lets start now!



We put a lot of pressure around ourselves to change our actions, habits and routines that we are in when a new year looms close! We say to ourselves as soon as it hits new years day I am going to stop (insert what ever you are wanting to change) and start fresh as soon as we welcome new years day!

But what made new years day the starting point, why can’t we start right now? Having a date set for any achievement is always good, but building up to start at a point where most of us have just done ourselves in partying non stop or connecting to routines we know are going to deplete us, and yes fair call we are all needing to blow off some steam after a busy work filled year (myself included), but sometimes we put ourselves in such a state we end up welcoming the new year regretting what we have put our bodies through or some of our actions, we say ahhh why did I let myself do that! We all have to live life, experience laughable moments we can look back on, but when does it get to the point when that aspect wears off? We have to start prepping before new years day looms, this will make the process a lot easier for ourselves when our “start date” come, as well as takes of the pressure plus creates more of a balanced lifestyle than a segmented “diet” like regime.

Leading up to the end of the year and the beginning of a new one is when we can start to see our goals either becoming or not becoming reality. We have to focus on goals for ourselves in order to achieve all others we need to, work, relationship, mental, physical what ever it may be! 

Taking your experiences from the current year, I want you to note down everything you are grateful for that you yourself have accomplished, as well as the things you aren’t so happy with yourself for not accomplishing. It’s okay to note the things you aren’t so happy with, as this is the point where we can make passionate, positive change for the next coming year! 

Our next step is to create your mission statement, this is something I do with my clients at the beginning of their sessions, it creates a mindset of positive intent as well as something you can look back on to keep you on track with your goals, looking at key words for areas you want to make changes! 

Tap in.. Close your eyes take a few deep breathes then I want you to imagine yourself at your happiest point! 


What would it look like?


Where would you be?


Who are you with?


How would you feel?


What are you doing?


Write down what ever pops into your head, are you on a beach, are you smiling, are you with people or by yourself, are you in nature or in the city? Are you eating food or exercising? What ever it may be, write down the key indicators of where you are your happiest, this is your starting point for your mission statement! 


This is your template:

Welcoming the new year I am going to treat myself kindly by thinking good thoughts, engaging in positive actions and routines as well as treat my body well from the inside and out! 


What ever your sectors may be that you want to make change around, whether it be health, fitness, lifestyle, work, or mental health, what exact words would you want to hear right now that the future you would be happy to hear?


Let’s start by creating an outcome you wish to have from the future you, by creating a letter from the future, this is something I still do every year as well as get my clients to engage on. It’s a self tracking activity and one where you take the reins in creating a mindset for positive intent, with complete honesty for yourself. 


Letter from the future

A letter from the future? What would your future self say to you? Or what what you hope it would say to you?

When doing my health coaching studies, my teacher got us to create our own letters from the future, I thought I had lost mine… until a couple of months ago! I was in tears, everything I had stated from 3 years ago I had achieved in some way, shape or form. These letters are set to create a subconscious connection to your up most desires and achievements for yourself in every form, not for anyone else purely yourself, to get yourself from where you are now, to enjoy and embrace the journey to get you to where ever it is, where you can sit with yourself authentically and at your happiest. 



Write a letter to yourself based on; 

what you wish to have achieved, 

what you wish to be feeling like, 

where you wish to be in the future

who you are sounded by

where you have been

what you have done

how you have achieved it, the steps you have taken. 


Set a Date:

this can be a date that is important to you, a birthday, anniversary or any date you feel necessary to commit to.


Set a Time Frame:

This letter is personal you to you, how ever long you want to commit to setting in changing your intentions for positive change in your life.

Or you may not even set a time frame, you will feel when it is the right time to look back on what you wish your future self to be like.


For example; I have worked on myself mindfully, I have changed my limiting beliefs through making positive changes in my life. I can walk around present and mindfully, I have committed to working in a job that I love, connecting to people who lift me up not put me down, I have travelled to places that give me a new perspective on life, I have worked hard to get me where I am now. I no longer live by my limiting beliefs, I live positively through changing my energy to see the best in every situation. I am happy, I am content”.

You can write as little or as much as you need to! Just let it flow, there is now right or wrong. Just really tune in and picture what it is right now you have always wanted to do, how exactly you want to feel and all the elements in which you know you can take to get you there.. little steps every day! 



On the page write:

Your name and date

Your mission statement

Your letter from the future

Sign your name

I wish to open this… : “When I personally know I have achieved what I need to” 

So for the next coming year, what is it you want to achieve.. what little steps can you start right now to get you to where you want to be when New Years day does arrive! Take the pressure off and make this new year about self care, self development and doing/ engaging in all things that are going to nourish your journey! 

If you’re needing a little motivation or guidance to help get you there, I would love to have a chat with you! I work intently with clients on the personal goals, to create personalised steps and holistic mindful measures to get you there! Wishing you all the best, for the rest of your year! Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Much love and health, Sammie x