Conscious Core Awareness

Conscious Core Awareness

Our awareness is a tool that we all have inside of us, its the aspect of not attaching to our past, nor fearing the unknown, but to utilise our commitment to simply being and to change our views of ourselves.

To build awareness is to create growth from what we know isn't serving us anymore, it's to release the stories we continually tell ourselves, to bring up and out the torment we have buried and to simply accept and flourish into who we really are, without simply just shuffling our authenticity under the rug to let fear take its place... 

This blog post includes a body scanning exercise that I use with my clients, to help re-wire, create presence and further more build authentic, aware, human beings! 




What is conscious awareness, each individual has there own awareness, we are aware of our surroundings, aware of who we are with, aware of where we are constantly going, but are we fully present in our decisions, conversations and the places we are taking ourselves too? We are all governed, lead to and reactant dependent on our feelings, past experiences, and current situations, we know when we are disconnected, so how to re-connect?

Awareness is all about restoring your freedom to choose what you want instead of what your past imposes on you
Deepak Chopra

Conscious awareness is being able to feel present in everything you do, of your movements, your mind, your surroundings, encompassing all your senses, to see things for truly what they are, then being able shift your thoughts and counter acting reactions around any given situation. Wow that was a mouthful, but honestly we do these things without even trying, we breathe naturally, we think without forcing, and the rest of our bodily functions, but shifting our non-conscious awareness to a conscious awareness is about us noticing what part of us is leading us astray and how to get back on the track.

The answer, body scanning. Most of you practicing meditation or if any of you are common yogi practicers you will know about body scanning, it’s the idea of bringing complete awareness to given body parts, and to bring them to their optimal function, to ground you how they work, what they do for you and how it can bring you back to essentially yourself!

This is an essential that I bring into my clients repertoire. We commonly take our bodily functions for granted, to notice the simplicities and accept and be grateful for what our body can actually do for us will bring us back to our present, be accepting of our past, and stop creating a futuristic story that hasn't even occurred. 

This is a sneaky practice for those who feel like they go in and out of daily “Conscious Awareness” and find themselves running from place to place not knowing how they got there, or engaging in an activity rushing to finish it, or any type of activity without being fully present.

When we let our minds go, our actions will result, further more resulting in tired, stressed human beings.

Just like any mindful practice, you can do your body scanning even while having a conversation with someone, doing your homework, while you exercise, or if you feel like your surroundings are too much, take yourself to the peace and quiet, (i’m and avid bathroom body scanner). This is a great practice to ease anxious feelings or settle the nervous system when triggers occur, it's all about re-wiring our long held patters. 

So where to begin? When you feel yourself going astray, start here and repeat what ever resonates with you. 



Start at the head: 

“I choose to think good thoughts, I make my thoughts present for right now, not in my past or my future”


To the Eyes: 

“I choose to see the good in every situation today”

"I choose to see the best in myself as well as in other people"


To the Ears:

I choose to listen intently to my surroundings, others and most importantly myself”

“I choose to fill my head with words that benefit myself and others, other words that aren’t my own and aren’t fulfilling don’t benefit me”

“I positively choose what I want to attach to and hear”


To the Nose

“I breathe in slowly to bring myself too, I choose to breathe in fresh air that will ground me to where I am right now”

“I focus on the breathe coming in and out of the base of the nose, (do this for as long as you need)


To the Mouth: 

“Today I choose to smile as much as I can, I choose to fill my mouth with lots of water and good nourishing foods”

"I choose to speak words that are truthful, kind and loving" 


To the Throat

“I choose to speak words that will benefit my situation, making myself feel good and further more making others feel good”

"I choose to release tension that I am holding within, I choose to speak truthfully" 


To the Heart

“I choose to give the love to myself that I give to others, I choose to feel exactly how I deserve to feel, I feel grounded… )'

"I am enough" 


To the Stomach

“I stay strong to my intuition and listen to my gut, I connect to situations, places, and people that serve positivity in my life, and stay true to myself”

"I choose to fill myself with good food, that will nourish my insides and further more every other aspect in my life"

To your Legs: 

“I am thankful for where my legs have taken me, where I am now and where they are going to take me in the future”


Then to your Feet. 

“I ground myself to where I am right now, I am no where else but here, my feet connect to exactly to where I am, I am grounded”. 


The aspect of “Conscious Core Awareness” is coming back within you, to your Core. Each element within your body, plays a part in bouncing off each other in bringing total complete awareness. Building, lets call it a relationship with your own body and being able to appreciate what each bodily part does, you can start to feel yourself immerse more and more consciously in everything you do. 

The Steps I have written are just briefs of what you can say, tune in and see what works for you! You too can become your own little conscious houdinni without even letting people know what you are doing!

Be grateful for you body, there’s a lot more going within ourselves that we simply don’t appreciate everyday, give back and focus on you, your awareness will open you up to make the positive changes you need in your life, these are your milestone to create now!

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