4 tips to building Healthy Mindful Routines

4 Tips to Building Healthy Mindful Routines

Developing healthy routines are a commitment of their own! First of all we have to tap in and define what we depict as healthy? What is our own definition of health, no not what we think we should be saying healthy is, but stop and tune in right now, connecting to your current routines, what factors do you know are benefitting your over all well being and what factors are not?

Defining our own health from where you are now, where ever that may be is the first step with being honest with the person that is conducting these processes each day… ourselves! By delving deep and getting honest with where we are now, what steps we know we need to shift toward and better more where we want to be is the first process of making positive changes within our current routines. 


1. Set your priorities Straight:

We can tell ourselves any excuse under the sun to make them sound right, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are!

 We wonder why we aren’t where we want to be some times, but when it comes down to it, when we really stop and see what we are filling our time with beyond our health, we see that our priorities are very scattered, and thats normal, but it’s now about taking the steps to making informed decisions! 

What story are you telling yourself? Or what apprehension to make change on your current routines are you scared to break out of? Is it your fear of not being able to enjoy the food you do now? Scared that you won’t succeed? Scared of the outcome/ unknown? What are you telling yourself right now that is holding you back from making informed decisions with your health?

Each individual is completely different, what works for one of us won’t respond the same as for example to your friends or family, or even a stranger that walks past you in the street! 

We build a relationship with our health and start to see affects when we make health our fore front priority.. we always look for the easy way out or the quick fix. Scrap the quick fix, this is a process! This is a journey to getting to know yourself better, internally, mentally and physically! 

It’s about taking little steps each day as well as making little changes to getting you to where you want to be, without dramatically changing how you fill your days each day! Little swaps for big return! 

What swaps can you make today, that tomorrow you will be thankful for?


2. Self Care Diary: 6 top tips to note in your diary!

I have a diary for my work plus a diary for myself I like to call my Self Care Diary! This ensures that I book in time to give back to myself, beyond my external commitments. The time you make for yourself, beyond the time you make for everything else that fills your day is the most important, it looks at whether you are actually making time for the things that make you flourish rather than just “doing” and “being” all the time.

These are what I jot down!



cook 4-5 times a week

go out for 1 breakfast and dinner

prep lunch to take to work 

make something sweet


Movement/ Exercise:

book in at least 2 classes

walk in any form each day


1 small run 




read a book

watch something fulfilling 


Engage in something creative



How you work:

feeling fulfilled at work? 

What steps can you take to make your work life that little bit better?


Time with others:

make time to catch up with friends and family

catch up with someone you haven’t seen in a while


Practice Self Care:

Tap into your feelings…

If you are stressed, what can you change in your days that are making you stressed

If you are happy how can you continue to do what you enjoy

If you are connecting to people or situations you know aren’t serving you how can you pull back?



3. Personal Goals and Intentions:


The first step with creating personal goals is the following:

Who are you doing this for?

What are you hoping to achieve?

Why do you want to make change?

Answer these questions for yourself, it may not be very clear, but get clear and jot down what ever comes to mind! This is a great way to self track, look back on and is your first step to “voicing” the changes you want change, create and achieve for yourself! 

Create an Intention of Positivity: our intentions should be fulfilled with the most aspiring outcome for ourselves, our intentions are set to be our outcome of your process. How can we stick to a mindset of positive outcomes for ourselves even when we become tested, or something spikes to put a spanner in the works?

When ever limiting beliefs pop up, or something happens in reality to skew you from your path, accept what has happened, as it may have happened to push you in a better direction! It’s about not attaching to a negative, but learning, accepting and moving forward from what hasn’t served you! 



4. Building a mindset of Content/ Enough:

We place so much pressure around the word perfect, but our views are all skewed on what the word perfect actually means. Our focus becomes stressed to try and achieve a level of being more than enough, but usually enough is in the idealisms or reality of trying to obtain a body, lifestyle or what ever it may be that someone else has beyond what we personally don’t think we have… getting more to the point trying to live in someone else's story beyond our own!

Create your own story: Sticking to your own path, knowing that what you have is exactly what you need to make informed decisions around every point in your life is all you need to get started, to begin the journey and further more succeed in all that you do! Put all your energy and kindness into yourself, create your own path and stop wasting energy on someone else. To help yourself you will be able to help your self growth, relationships in all forms as well as the pure ability to give back. 

Change your wording: Taking away the wording of being perfect in what ever you are trying to achieve within your life, to the word “enough”, removes enforced pressures of all the elements in which we think have to be perfect, in changing from a negative to a positive, questioning, why aren’t we perfect already? It’s because we already are! Change your words, to change your thinking to change your actions! 

Building acceptance: Acceptance of our past, present and whats to come in our future is the first step to releasing old ties, brining past fearful experiences into our present and further more what is to happen as time moves forward is the first step to creating new bonds as well as so many opportunities. What can we accept, we can accept that our past has occurred and made us the people we are today, we can accept that our present is exactly where we are in each moment to do exactly what we need to, to create the best future possible for ourselves and we can accept that we are enough, for what ever is to come in our lives. 

The main focal point of this piece is to fuel within to fuel without! It's about really getting clear with ourselves about what we truly want, what we are fighting and being honest about the reasons we are apprehensive to change! Needing help making change? Lets work together!