A Compelling Vision

Developing a Compelling Vision


What is a vision? What do you define as a vision and how can you make your visions reality?


The most compelling vision is one that comes from within, the one you can feel, taste and see, an overall expansive experience. 


Can you feel, taste and “smell” yours? So how to get there? 


Our visions change from time to time, we need to take our ideas that really hit home to us, the ones that we can’t stop thinking about, the ones that make us think “I could really do/ want this”, but how to make them reality?


Visualisation is all around us, we use it in the form of mediation or mindfulness. It’s used in sport as a mental rehearsal technique, if any of you are have been in sporting competitions or any competition in fact, you will physically rehearse then mentally rehearse what you have learnt, it is the aspect of mentally picturing the performance or skill before executing it. 


For example, in soccer, the steps to kicking a ball correctly, you will take paced steps, heavily plant the contrasting foot, then firmly kick with the inside of your kicking foot, to direct the ball to where it wants to go. You have physically practiced, while subconsciously teaching your brain the steps to tell you how to do it, as well as to vision how you can do it better the next time. Just like the soccer ball, our mindset, and the actions we take to where we want to be, see, do and feel are just like those of the soccer player, learning how to kick a ball, it might not always go right, but you try, try again. 


It is the repetition of movements to increase the minds familiarity with a desired motion or sequence. This intently focuses on using the power of imagery, to tell the body what to do, it is re-calling and reliving execution of performance. 


Athletes will do this to help limit their anxieties, provide clear repetition of skills, heighten concentration, provide perfect practice and to motivate. Through the consistent practice of Visualisation you will learn to become more aware, lessen negative focus around high expectations and most of all build a positive motivated mindset. 


Make yourself the athlete, change your mental rehearsal from a sporting match to where you want to be, what ever situation, make yourself the athlete of your own competition, what you can physically see and feel yourself being/doing. Just like a sportsman practices both physically and mentally how to execute their given talent, the steps we take to make our visions our reality are our sequence of learning, in our physical attributes, and the messages we tell ourselves mindfully to keep us on tract with our vision. 


Connected to using the power of imagery, take this with you every day and learn to create Positive Attention. Our attention is what our mind chooses to depict as important and what it intently focuses on, with the combination of all the senses plus our mental state, consciousness, alertness, concentration, arousal, selectivity and focus within any given present situation.  


Unfortunately as much as we would love to we can’t visualise control around our uncontrollable  circumstances, when things might and most probably will go wrong. This is when our mindfulness comes in handy, we learn from what has occurred, learn not to get stuck in the rut and build up a positive attitude to keep on going, even when we visualise our future stemming out a certain way, our outcome might not be exactly what we imagined, and thats okay, it’s life!


First of all we need to get clear about what creating a compelling vision can do for us, when we are feeling a bit stuck or not knowing where to take what we can see and take it that little bit further into action.

The following are my top tips for creating a compelling Vision:


Clear the uncertainty,

Create yourself a vision statement

You’re vision statement is a few sentences of what you wish to have in your life in your future and bring about in your daily presence, this is what you are going to set your attention towards.

I am a happy individual, I’m doing, working and living around the things that create positivity in my life…..(insert what they are) to get me to be the best version of myself”. 


Create a positive perspective

Creating your vision board:

Creating a compelling vision, is a combination of elements in which make you thrive, this can be food, people, places, travel, cooking, art, music the list goes on. Vision exactly what it would be right now, where you would be right now and how you would feel at your happiest point. 


Vision boards are used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain subconscious focus on your goals,


Have the board on show where you can easily see it, with images or anything that you want to be in your life, do or have. 


Start by buying/ finding a large piece of cardboard, timber, a4 paper or anything that you could possibly stick things to and are able to hang up.


Collect a range of magazines, newspapers or print from the internet.


I like to call this the "feeding frenzy" allow yourself to scan through the pages and literally cut out anything that makes you smile, feel happy or that you like, it could be a photo of food, a dog, a nice house, a photo of a leaf, a smiling face a quote or a single word. 


There is no right or wrong in doing this, this is your board no one else's. Stick the photos in a collage form how ever you like, and stick it in a place around the house or in your room, where you can Easily see it. 


Bring you to your present:

Counter act your opposing thoughts, how can you change your words, to change your thoughts, to change your actions? Counter act the negative to a positive. 


Create Rituals of Practices to achieve your goals, bring your vision statement into your daily routines.

Utilise your skills set, connect to your vision board, and look what you have put on there, how can you bring those elements in which make you happy on that piece of paper into your reality?

If you have pictures of healthy food, how can you bring healthier meals into your day?

If you have pictures of exercise, what new exercises or classes can you bring into your daily practice?

If you have a word, what actions can you do to make you feel that way?



Builds a foundation of focus, Where does your attentions lie?

This is a commitment, if you truly want an outcome you’ve desired for so long you won’t take no for an answer and will do everything in your power to get there, this means changing our current attention, to focusing our attention on our goals, and our visions. 


What level of attention are you focusing on now?

Selective; focus on a particular thing

Shiftable: change voluntary and involuntary

Divisible; focus on more than one thing

Make your focus Present!


What is your compelling vision, what does it feel like, what can you do to get there? I hope these tips can take you that one step closer in making your vision a reality!


This blog post is part of Step 1 of my Modern Mindful Coaching program, a 6 step program directly focused to re-wiring to the brain, to create a more fulfilling, happy and nourishing present! For more info following the link below to get in touch! Make the choice and simply start.