What does it mean to you to be authentic, or what does it mean to be in an authentic environment? We live in a world where it's hard to be our true selves, living through devices, being told what is and isn't politically correct, have a skewed view of beauty, it's not our faults for fearing our true selves. The aspect of breaking boundaries, connecting to internal values rather than a external aspect of conforming is where true living begins, hardships disappear and life actually starts, so how to find your authenticity?

Authenticity is a funny word, it can bring about a range of feelings for each individual. Authenticity is defined, in philosophical terms as an emotionally appropriate, significant and purposeful way of human life. Meaning the purest, truest form of ourselves. Depending on the stages that we are in, in life this may resonate differently, some of us may struggle to find our truest self having to over come a few little bumps in the road to get there, some of us may be in crowds that believe serve us a purpose and there for can’t change ourselves out of the fear of not being accepted, or being stuck in relationships that know bring out only half of our true selves and the other half materially or fear influenced. 



What makes you attracted to someone? Think about the people you have around you, why you pick your friends or why your friends have picked you? People are in your life to create change, help you grow, potentially cause conflict and show you lessons in life. But why are we attracted to these type of people? Connections to those around you have meaning, we usually see a little bit of ourselves in the other person that make us think “Hey, lets hang out”, we see a reflection of something that serves a value within ourselves in someone else. So stop and think is this reflection a good or bad one? Are we reflecting out of the goodness of ourselves or reflecting our feelings and insecurities onto relationships as well as our deeper darker values onto someone else? Is this leading us to connect to people who ultimately are causing more harm than good? Meaning are we connecting to people to make us escape ourselves or make us grow as our true self?

The authentic self is the soul made visible
— Sarah Ban Breathnach


Connecting back to past experiences throughout my life this word has been on a rollercoaster, ever- changing, spinning and flipping in meaning for many years, it still is and will continue to. From when I was a child to a teenager and now young adult, my circumstances, life experiences and values for my daily living have defiantly done a 180 once or twice, or a lot… My once innocent ‘Authentic’ self, that would once go with the wind, became stuck in the visual interpretation of eyes that weren’t my own, rather depicted myself from an external view rather than from within, based on what I thought I had to be for acceptance and what was the ‘right’ way to be. Sound relevant? 


We become so caught up about what other people are thinking of us, our actions and our life in general, leading to potentially a dramatic change, but also a large amount of lessons in life. Of course we are meant to go through these things, life would be boring if we didn’t! But it’s when we become stuck in this external person, where our Authenticity is lost, viewing ourselves from an others perception than by our inner self, how do we come back?


Think about a person in your life where you don’t have to be, act or change yourself to suit their needs, but simply just be? What values are they showing you that makes you feel so settled? This may be connected to a friend you had from an early age, you both grew together and had the same appreciation of growth for the simple things, and even though you may separate when you're older, it seems as if you never left each other for a day when you reconnect? Finding ourselves isn’t an easy road, we must escape the “Norm” of where we are to get to where we want to be, this is a scary concept! What if we actually started doing things that we wanted to do coming from a passionate, self caring self, without having the fear of being different?



Taking a step to do what you truly want to do, something that benefits you is probably one of the most influential processes one can take, not only for yourself, but people do take note! Awareness is your next step, becoming aware and noting your feelings, you will soon seen you attract like minded people and even the people you are with may question it, but I promise the action of being true to yourself, your actions and your word, no matter who you are with is the most inspiring step one can take as an individual and for those around you. 


As we go on this long winding road through out life, we all go through a vast array of round abouts’ at different stages, which may mean we have to pull away from people, places or situations that are limiting us to be our purest self? This doesn’t mean that we don’t like or enjoy these people or places, but for once need to bring the view back within our own eyes rather than others, focusing on YOU. Don’t be scared to be selfish, honesty is the best policy and the need to justify ones actions are definitely not necessary, people will learn, as they too grow. So steps to being an Authentic You:


Be true: show your positive passion through your actions, words and initial self

Be honest: Be honest to yourself, know what things do and don’t serve you, your process doesn’t need to be explained, but be conscious in your actions 

Be the person you would like to be around: Imagine you were another person being around you as an individual, what would you want to see? A happy, smiling person?

Be Selfish: (not in a negative aspect, but being able to come back into yourself and know the situations, people and environments that serve you!) What deserves your time and energy?

Take the step!  Listen to that inner voice inside of you that is yearning to make a change from where you are to where you want to be?

So stop and think… What stage of Authenticity are you at right now? No matter where you are or where you think you are, you are you and have no need to compare yourself with others views/ or where they may be in their life, stigmas, or where society thinks you should be. Being able to be the truest version of you is the most rewarding, the freedom and absolute joy that comes with it will take you far! Come back to an authentic self, keep it simple. 

Authenticity all has to do with changing our current mindset, lifestyle habits and following actions, I can help you get there with my 3 session program focusing on making healthy, personalised corrective changes from where you currently are to where you want to be! Follow the link below to get in touch! Sammie x