Detox Diaries: 10 day Nutrition, Lifestyle and Mental Healing Challenge

10 Day Nutritional, Lifestyle and Mental Healing Challenge

What makes you get to the point when you know enough is enough for yourself? Whether it's been a heavy party season, an immense time of over working and stress or connecting to lifestyle habits you know aren't benefiting you? We all have a subconscious that is always there saying hi hello, "I think it's time to chill" "You know this won't help you" "Ahh.. yep you're doing it anyway", we will push and push until, bang we either get sick, run down or mentally fatigued. 

Coming out of the back end of a very full on summer season here in Aus, where a drink in hand is the staple attire to most of our days, our lifestyle habits are filled with event after event and soon enough we feel as if partying becomes our job, it becomes tiring, then in contrast getting back on track becomes our work! Whether its the silly season or you're personally just wanting to rid any toxicity within your life, this challenge will serve you well!

When we think of the term detox, most of us go straight to the word "Cleanse" most likely in the form of a juice cleanse. When I think of the term detox, it looks at identifying the factors within your life where you want to rid toxicity, or poor habits, in order to replace and replenish with better ones, targeting the aspects of our lives in which helps create a healthy balance.. The way we think, the way we fuel and the way we live our day to day lives. 

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This 10 day challenge focuses on targeting these 3 pillars: Nutrition : Mindset : Lifestyle

What you will need

  • Diary

  • Commitment

  • Open Mind

So lets get started! 

Day 1: Cleanse The Mind


To start off: Before embarking on any cleanse, commitment is key, we have to set our intentions straight and identify the key aspects of ourselves in which we are wanting to "detoxify". In your diaries, lets cleanse the mind! We want to touch into all aspects in which make us who we are, this encompasses all parts of our body serving us different purposes, which elements allow us to communicate, absorb, nourish, create, move, think and create our resulting lifestyle, actions, habits and relationships. What aspects are most important for you personally to cleanse? 

Write down 5 things you want to cleanse in relation to the way you eat, fuel, live and think!

What stories do we need to stop telling ourselves in order to start fresh and create new ones?


Let's engage through a mindful activity 

Cleansing Body Scan

Close your eyes, breathe deeply for 5 ins and outs, then let's begin, place your focus on your:

  1. Head: I choose to think positive, happy thoughts, be present and not live in the visions of my past
  2. Eye's: I choose to see the best in myself and others
  3. Ears: I choose to listen to information that benefits me, and to not engage in sounds or information that adds toxicity to my life.
  4. Nose: I choose to come back to my breathing, when ever I get lost, breathing into the spaces I'm in, in each and every moment
  5. Mouth and Throat: I choose to nourish myself with good conversation with myself and with others as well as fuel myself with ingredients that are going to make me the healthiest possible
  6. Arms and Hands: I choose to create amazing content for myself, embrace with people that are going to fulfil my life and make it happy, and be thankful for what my body allows me to do each day
  7. Heart: I choose to give love to myself first and fore most, to be able to receive the best in every other area of my life
  8. Lungs: I choose to take myself out into different parts of the world and breathe into exactly where I am 
  9. Gut: I choose to listen to my intuition, what it is telling me as well as to listen to what may not be serving me, nutritionally, physically and mentally 
  10. Legs: I am grateful for the places I go each day, for the effort I put my body through, and I allow myself to rest when ever I need to!
  11. Feet: I stay grounded where ever I may be, my feet connect me to each and every exact moment, not being in the fear of my past or future, but right her right now. 

Come back to this technique when ever you need to ground, centre or rid old thoughts, the aspect of cleansing the mind looks at targeting and re-wiring old told stories, habits and lifestyle routines, into profound new ones! Change it up, what would the happiest, healthiest version of you being saying, feeling and doing right now? Write it down... 

Day 2: Morning Rituals


Rituals, Routines or Commitments what ever you like to call them, they can tell us a lot about how we live our lives, our resulting levels of health, stress, energy, tiredness, emotions, happiness, fatigue.. in a nut shell our rituals of practice encompass the rest of our being.

What are your current rituals you think may need a little tweaking?

The morning can set you up for the rest of your day, think about it if you usually wake up in a crappy mood the rest of your day will usually follow suit, that is the same in the relation of how we move our body, and eating habits... so where to start on a morning ritual? Each and every persons ritual will be different, depending on where you live, your work schedule, personal attributes plus any other counter acting factor, but how to make it your own?

Tips to follow to start your day! 

  • Clean and Clear: Start your morning by preparing the body, for me this starts with Greens (I use Bare Blends Greens ) This ensures I'm utilising my gut and stomach with good, naturally potent vitamins and minerals to start my digestion off for the day! If not a fan of the greens a can't go wrong with the staple warm water with lemon and a tsp of apple cider vinegar)


  • Feed your body right: A healthy breakfast ensures you're getting much needed nourishment for the best parts of your day, plus the needed energy fixes to do just that! My main meals are breakfast and lunch with a smaller dinner, as we use majority of our energy throughout our day, having your main meal at night can lead to digestive troubles, staggered sleep as well as imbalanced eating habits through out your day. Be kind to your digestion as you sleep it off. 


  • Set and intention for the day: When you wake up what do you feel like, are you worried, angry, anxious, happy, confused, tired? What ever you may be feeling, lets tap in to change that story. Self talk may seem like a funny thing, but setting that intention and conversing with yourself allows you to see your days much clearer, "Today I choose to change my thoughts to happy" "Today I will be kind to myself" "Today I choose to see things better"


  • Get a little movement: Movement helps to ignite happy endorphins into the body, as well as help with our emotional toxicity stuck within our body. Our emotions are simple Energies in Motion, so to push out bad energy with need to fill it with opposing good energy, whether its a simple walk, stretch, exercise class or swim, what can you add to your morning ritual to get moving in the morning?


Day 3: Adventure Time

Escape long held routines and boundaries, get exploring!


Our comfort zones can keep us safe, but they can also make us feel stuck or as if our lives are stuck on repeat. Think about what you do each day, do you engage with the same people, the same places, the same exercise classes or routines? Do you feel as if you are in de ja vu constantly. We find comfort in the things we know, and sometimes fear the change of welcoming something new, as we have to adapt, welcome in new thought process, people, lessons or even environments. 

Something I work on with my clients is to break the boundaries of their long held personal bubbles through physical activity. We live in such a beautiful place here in Australia, no matter where you are, where can you think of right now that you have always wanted to visit, hike or walk to? 

The Challenge for today: Do that walk you wanted to do, mix it up! You'll be surprised where you end up, what you find, and how you will feel! Get in nature, instead of outside, but please do it safely! Keep it simple, a walk on the beach can do the trick! 

Things to take with you:

  • A podcast: expand the mind

  • Good music

  • A new intention 


Day 4: Let's get Cooking!

Immunity Soup


With any form of detox, we have to focus on treating our body well and kindly, this includes the ingredients we are consuming in which provide us with our energy, primarily to boost immunity to balance out over all well being! Our key focus is to be kind to our digestion and use our energy wisely, this is why soups are a great idea, they are not only nourishing, but easy for the body to digest. This recipe focuses on utilising the best combination of good digestive fibre in connection with naturally potent immune boosting ingredients to help nourish from the inside out! 

Day 5: This day is for me!

6 ticks for self care

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 10.11.26 am.png

As we hit day 5 of our detox we want to get real on how we are filling our days! This is an insight to one of my coaching booklets that I give my clients, targeting key factors in which to focus on yourself and how you live your days! 6 essential elements of self care! 

In your diary for the week and coming weeks beyond this detox, these are essential notes to be planning ahead! Follow the link below for more information on how to create healthy balance and rid toxic routines! 

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Day 6: Inside Out


Millet Porridge with Strawberry Jam

Sticking to the road of cleansing our aim is to still be kind to our digestion, as well as remove any toxic substances in the form of synthetic foods to swap them out for healthier ones. Natural foods and their medicinal capabilities are used to help promote longevity, boost over all physical capability and most important they make our emotional state happy! I can vouch for that, this fact alone is one of the reasons why I started my business! Utilising, researching and building a commitment with the purity of whole-foods can not only just make you healthier, but help to encourage you to build a relationship and internal knowledge with yourself both on a physical and emotional level. 

I've included this recipe, as it's something I eat when I'm starting to feel a little run down, sluggish or know I need to start putting some goodness back into my body. Millet is a grain that I cook with a lot now, completely gluten free, serves as a plant based protein, and when cooked properly is great for digestion. Accompanied by the sweet taste of a quick and easy healthy jam, inspired an Ayurvedic recipe I learnt on my Plant Based chefs course, this recipe encompasses all the elements in which make a completely not only delicious, but perfect meal to add to your skills set in the kitchen.  The perfect way to switch up the sugar and packaged foods to something you can easily create from the source to your stomachs!

Day 7: Child like Antics

The Mind of a Child


In next to every self care, help or motivational book, they will say to tap into the simplicities and focuses of what encompassed being a kid. Think about what you sit and worry about now to what your priorities and thought processes consisted of when you were a child? What day came about that we began to question who we were, what does and doesn't affect us, or when we simply just stopped enjoying the simplicities of life. Of course as we get older our priorities change, we build responsibility, independence, a deeper understanding of our own world, but when did it become bizarre to go play in a play ground, paint and get messy, too initially see things purely for the first time? This is today's challenge!

Challenge: to remove and detox our current "adulting" lifestyle habits in which we insist need our time and energy each day, tap in to something you used to enjoy every day as a young child, whether its painting, drawing, singing, making a mess. 

Practice: in what ever activity you are engaging in how can you see this object as if you were seeing it for the first time? Remove your opinions from past experiences, remove the judgement factor and take this experience as new!

Children are one of the greatest lessons in happiness, constantly challenging us to enjoy the moment, as the next will not be the same

Day 8: All in the Prep:

Broccoli Kale & Sweet Potato Patties


In order to maintain a healthy diet we need to build a relationship with our ingredients, test our cooking capabilities and simply just give it a go! Of course we can rely on our uber eats, take away meals and the rest, but that's the easy way out! Prep is key as we all know and for those of you that aren't a kitchen fan, or that one person that has the ability to burn pasta... You can do it! Stop making every excuse under the sun and focus on what your priorities actually are! If it is your healthy then fuelling and feeding yourself properly I'm afraid is part of the health pyramid! 

Patties are a great way to utilise ingredients, they freeze for ages and are a quick source of bulk and protein to any meal! These guys are completely gluten free, dairy free, plant based and the rest of the spiel! Follow the link below for tips on how to prep! 

Challenge: Follow the "How you fuel" step from day 5, lets aim to cook at least 2-3 meals yourself this week from scratch, I've got plenty of great recipes to get you there, all in which can be frozen or mass produced for the week! 

P.S Don't forget to tag us in your creations! I'll be giving a special prize to the best recreates! @thecorehealth #thecorecreations

Day 9: Digital Detox


We live our days through our devices, it seems that we are creating a new reality with in our own reality, a synthetic non tangible one... With the rise of on going anxiety, depression and over all sense of lack in life, the main key has been through loosing sense of self, presence and awareness all have the coherent factor of social media being a fleeting reasoning for this. Think about all the times you aimlessly scroll, put down, then re pick up your phone searching for a sense of stimulation of satisfaction from an external source. Are you feeling a need to be validated constantly, but it never seems to hit the point in real life? Create your own validation, and know you are already enough, make time to simply be! 

Challenge: Today's challenge looks at weaning ourselves off our devices and coming back to reality, this is a big test and can really make you aware of how much we rely on external cues for satisfaction and comfort instead of being able to create our own happiness, activity and well-being. 

Start with 30 mins 2 -3 times a day > Lead that up to an hour > Aeroplane mode by 8.30 every night

Disconnect to Re-connect

Building our awareness is key, I've attached my post on Building Healthy Mindset Routines to help you get there, you'll find a few things mentioned already in the 10 Day Challenge, plus much more! Build your own validation, stay present, and make a loving relationship with yourself.. remove toxic thoughts! 


Day 10: The end is always Sweet.. Repeat.  


Day 10 here we are! No matter how long this has taken you, or whether parts of this cleanse has appealed to you in some way, repeat these steps, make the commitment and build a healthy lifestyle through the way you eat, move and think! In order to change our thoughts, we must change our words and actions also!

Challenge today: In your diary openly write what you are grateful for making change on, whether if it's something you cooked, somewhere new you adventured to, something you over came personally or mentally, what ever it may be tap in and connect to the things that are going to make you feel the best version of yourself! What can you do by the end of today that the future you will be thankful for? 

I work passionately with clients to help you on all spectrums of change, mainly focusing on simple mindset shifts to help you achieve your goals and personal attributes! Follow the link below to get in contact with me... just begin!