Free Core Confidence Questionnaire

Confidence comes from within, let’s put in the work to believe it! Scroll down to find out how..

Core Confidence Questionnaire

It’s time to access and live in your confidence! To unleash your full potential we have to believe in ourselves first!

Where ever you may be now, I want you to hold on to the reason you landed on this page. Is it to better yourself, have you got that spark of awareness for passionate change or a personal passion project you want to get started on? What ever it may be, let’s take the steps to believe in YOU!

Scroll down.. It’s time to check in! I’ve got something for you that just might be the change you’ve been looking for!

Over the past year I have been monitoring my clients both face to face, as well as online.. after sifting through the data from within our sessions, there has been one big stand out of something not coming so naturally to our make up these days.. Confidence!

We need to believe in ourselves to be able to achieve anything and that is fact! Before we jump for that major goal we need to work through our motions so we don’t become overwhelmed and set ourselves up for failure! We need to build the foundations and create our tool kit to learn what steps to take, where to start and to figure out the areas within our lives that may be needing a little attending to! We want to get back to “The Core” roots of our passions!

Confidence and self empowering beliefs were a huge struggle for me! I lived in such a lack mindset, feeding those thought process with negative energy for so long, self sabotage became my reality! It took that one little spark, accompanied by a positive action, seeking the help I needed to understand that I wasn’t going to get anywhere until I put the work in and started believing in myself.

Separating beliefs away from the what if’s, the fears that come with potential failure as well as the thought that my external life equaled internal happiness, was where success was defined by the way I feel around my action, not an external title. These realisations where my answers that I provided myself by simply checking in daily, to then implement the options on where I needed to go to, to rebuild my confidence within myself. Life is all about our alignment in every aspect, what we align ourselves with, whether it be thoughts, food, actions, people, if these are in focus with our alignment, our decisions and beliefs about ourselves become more confident!

The power behind that alignment comes from asking yourself where you are at right now, and this is what I want to provide you guys with!

What am I confident in and What am I not confident in within my life?

When we choose to take the lessons from what we need to work on and not see them as a point of failure, is when we allow ourselves the option to grow and start our empowering journey! We miss so many opportunities when we choose to stay in the safe zone, but when we begin to align our internal values with our external ones, that’s when something special happens! This is your chance now.. so get it done!

Below I have attached a Questionnaire for you to get honest with yourself! These are questions that have come up the most within my sessions and within the data I have collected! Once you have your answers we can put in the practical tasks to get you to where you want to be!

It’s time for you to believe in yourself!

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