Reflection and Perception

Reflection and Perception


These words although simple create a massive impact on everyone’s lives. It depicts how we view one another, ourselves and situations we come into contact with in a present basis. Growing up these words create new meaning and purpose as we become more aware of our surroundings and who we initially are as individuals. 


Think about how you reflect on situations or how you choose to perceive them, are they negative or positive, (the glass half full or half empty concept). Project the aspect of perceiving as the “doing, physical component” and the reflecting as the “cognitive, non physical” term. 

Any good self help book will tell you to reflect back to when you were a child and compare your perceptions of life from then to now. This is where your belief system started out, a little seed, growing with you along the way, feeding off all the craziness that life brings, has your flower blossomed or wilted? Do you choose to feed off the negative or embrace what life throws at you?


Of course along the way we all get lost from our path, which is normal, as it usually leads us on the right one sooner or later. We are pushed to our limits and are continually tested from the world’s elements, work, family, friends, self disbelief, death, cheating the list goes on. Sometimes this list can seem daunting, it becomes all that we attach to and soon enough seems to be projected it into every aspect of our days. But when we can find in ourselves to turn the future and present into something exciting rather than something frightening, thats when we can perceive the happy, inner child thats been hiding. 


So take a moment, sit for second and note how you are feeling in this present moment, get out of your head where ever it may be and just be. When ever you’re feeling anxious just sit and think like the mind of a child, instead of having thousands of loop holes going through our minds that we do as we grow older, thinking about the what if’s or why we did or didn’t do something, stop and observe.. observe your feelings, your surroundings and physical reaction, breathe and view what ever you are seeing as a new experience, not a vision from the past, or a negative projection of the future that hasn’t even occurred. 


Changing your perception and reflection.


“What you perceive, you receive” this quote is something to live by. Think about it, when you perceive negativity you receive negativity, when you perceive positivity, it will 100% come bounding back to you. 


When we find ourselves in this so called “Rut” whether it be psychological or physiological, we may find ourselves getting stuck in unhealthy routines, for some of us this may be the constant anxious feeling when we are in certain situations, whether it be with certain people or environments, but we choose to do them anyway, as we know nothing better. Or this could be a physical aspect, not seeing ourselves as good enough for others or certain people and taking our frustrations out on our physical form. 


So that next time you’re worrying about a situation in your head, about why you did something, or why you didn’t do something, why that person isn’t talking to you or clinging onto general gossip will just add fuel to the fire! Just be in the present, sit and reflect, turn the negativity of I wish I never did that into, “it’s done now, move on”. Remind yourself that the situation in your head is probably 10 x worse than it actually is, or if you are going through a bad situation, jot down ways in which you can improve it, and focus on healing yourself further more, that will help the situation and bring the right people you need in your life to you at that point in time.


Being happy in yourself creates happy situations, although sometimes it seems selfish, you need to focus on YOU! Being able to be by yourself and content with yourself is one of life’s many treasures, it allows you to see life in a whole different way, without relying on the acceptance of others or having to be a certain way for certain people. With this, don’t  isolate yourself completely, embrace those in your life and choose to see situations for the best, if you have a fight with a friend, instead of saying negative things back at them, think that they are just reflecting back what you are projecting, or that they may have something going on in their life, and that they are dependent on you in some way for comfort. Be alone in the sense of being comfortable of making good decisions for yourself in situations you know don’t ultimately benefit you. No two people see a situation the same, be kind to the feelings of others and choose to see each situation with love and through kind eyes. 


We are so lucky to have the chance to live, when ever you are stuck in your head or having a bad day, be thank full for the things and people you do have, as they may not be there tomorrow, without living in the fear of change, embrace change and what the future will bring. 

So perceive what you want in life and focus on that thought, with the outcome of good, happy, healthy intentions. Let go of that little voice in your head when reflecting, don’t let it deter you from living life to the fullest. Embrace what you want and you will surely have it!


Reflection and Perception Exercise

"Creating Loving Change on the Place we judge our Image the most.. The Mirror"

Our reflection and perception of ourselves in connection to image is the first place where can start to make and change our mindset from self sabotaging to authentic acceptance for ourselves.

Step 1: Notice your thoughts:

  • Look in the mirror
  • Where do you automatically judge yourself?
  • What words are you using?
  • Are they building you up or bringing you down?

Step 2: Shift your perspective

  • How can I contrast my words?
  • I shift my perspective from negative to positive
  • For example if your eye's automatically go into "fat shaming", how can you shift this into accepting what your body is and looks like?
  • "My waist or number on the scales doesn't equal my happiness"
  • Sit with changing your words and thoughts.. to change your actions

Step 3: Embrace and Challenge old habits

  • Set yourself a task to swap up your negative thoughts
  • Choose to place love on the places you place hate
  • Practice, Practice, Practice 
  • You'll soon feel as if you are going without this practice when you don't put these steps into place
  • Be kind.. and honest with your process
  • Test your old habits, into nourishing new ones
I am allowed to feel good about myself


Wanting to build a better relationship with not only your body but mindset?

Get in touch.. Be kind to your process and define whether your weight or image is truly your happiness, choose to create a life of well-being, small shifts every day to get you there, much love Sammie xx