The Simplicities

Focus on the Simplicities:

How bringing your focus on each present moment in front of you can help aid anxiety. 


Stop and ask yourself right now, where is my head at? What am I thinking about right now? Am I in my past or am I fearing a future scenario that hasn’t even happened yet? How is it taking away from where it is I am right now? What am I missing in this exact moment?

Note your answers to these questions as I take you back to the mind of your childhood. Without placing judgement on any thoughts, exciting or traumatic experiences that may have immediately popped up for you when your brain connected to the word childhood, we are going to focus on the simplicities of the Mind of a Child, in a round about adult-ish way. Exploration, discovery, experimentation, nothing but complete and utter awareness to the exact moment, object or scenario in which we had in front of us as a child. We were learning and discovering what the big wide world had to offer, once we learnt about such object we moved onto the next, with the same awe for learning, seeing with fresh eyes each time. So when did life get so intimidating or confronting that we stopped wanting to connect to the simplicities within our present moment? 


Think about all the small things you take for granted each day that were so mesmerising as a child. The blowing up of a ballon, the utter satisfaction it would give to the senses when it was released and sent scattering around the room. The intricate detail of the patterns of a leaf, tree or flower, how a car worked or how a tap would run, when the water turned from cold to hot. When did our senses become sedated to not have these same coherent feelings of simple tasks, to being so consumed in what we physically can’t see in front of us, taking up majority of our day in fear and worry?


In a world where our days are so planned around dates, time and dead lines we have began to rush to achieve, and with that sense of fast paced achievement we forget what the aspect of what slowing down can actually do in achieving these said goals. We choose to make life harder for ourselves as we think it will be better for us in the long run. Let me ask you this.. How do you feel when you have committed yourself to a huge week of “doing” more than you have to? What is your personal satisfaction for doing so? Money, tangible good, personal fulfilment? Is it long lasting when you do have that money come into your back account? or is it fleeting as soon as you have to spend it else where? 

Create simple achievements to obtain larger ones in the long run. 


We all know that run down feeling, with resulting emotions both in a physical and cognitive form usually present as anxiety when we are putting to much on our subconscious plates. This aspect of rushing takes us away from where exactly we are, living in the fear of our pasts and “not having enough” for our future, as we are presently scared of not having enough right now. 


One of the biggest and most surprising conversations I have with my clients is the concept of being so fearful of not achieving enough within their days that it makes them less of a person! Does this resonate with you? When it comes down to it I always ask them this.. “What do you define as proper personal achievement?” The most common answers are; “I feel like I haven’t achieved if I don’t have anything to feel good about at the end of my day”, “My job status or income” “Feeling as if I’m not doing enough or I thought I’d be in a better situation than I am right now”. We have created fulfilment around the idea and attachment to an outcome in the future, where it’s the work we do within our present that creates the connection to that outcome as well as beyond it. Life doesn’t stop when we achieve what we set out to accomplish, surprisingly enough it continues! We want to create a constant stream of always feeling “enough” through connecting to each and every present moment, finding content within the simple achievements.. such as maybe doing something for yourself? How does that feel? Scary to do something for yourself when you’re not used to it isn’t it?



Achievements my friends don’t always have to be huge! It’s within the little achievements we do for ourselves that bring us back, make us focus on clarity for what we actually want in life, then further more take the positive, personal and passionate steps to get there. It’s not about the outcome, it’s about focusing on what each second physically in front of you, can present you and more importantly teach you. 


Create a mindset of “Little steps each day”, take the steps each day for a better tomorrow. Bring your thoughts away from the fear of a past that no longer exists or a future you haven’t even experienced yet, by making a nourishing present of living in the now. Connecting to exactly where ever it is you are right now, no where else. What can you notice? What can you see? How can you choose to see this present vision with open, wondrous and fresh eyes? 

“I choose to see this differently, I choose to make this easier for myself”


I want you to pick an element, don’t judge it, just choose to see it there. How can you describe it? What does it looks like? How is it shaped? What colours does it have? Can you describe the surface? What purpose does it serve? How has placing focus on simply what is in front of you taken you out of your head and in to your present? Yep a simple shift of perspective each day, can change your connection to the unknown to the right now. 


Begin to fill your mind with “being” in your tasks. Anxieties are spiked when we fill our heads with elements that are unnecessary of present attention. Yes you might be thinking, I have to do things now that have dead lines at the end of the week and Yes thats exactly right, you are presently going to start to conduct those elements to complete the goal or task, but keep it clear, keep it personally comfortable and ask yourself whether the pressure you are putting on yourself is making your life easier or harder? Write down what you have to do each day, but also jot down time to focus on being present within your task, what ever you don’t get time to do today write it down for tomorrow. With that remember to allocate time for you to relax and unwind. 

The joy of simplifying life, is noted differently for each of us, depending on our circumstances and current view points. There was a time where I filled each and every moment with something to do, a task to achieve, just so I could feel satisfied that I wasn’t being lazy and found content around every aspect of my life. How ever what was I doing? Did I feel content and happy within these tasks? (no), Was I continually worrying about not doing even when I was going? (yes) Was I present? (no way), Was I highly anxious of not being enough even when I was doing more than I could handle? (yes) I was living at such a high speed I made no time for myself, or the simplicities or rejuvenating, I couldn’t keep up with essential tasks that I actually had to get time as I had no time to do it, most importantly I had no time for myself.

Finally landing in hospital with chronic fatigue and re-lapse of glandular fever, I took the warning sign as a huge thank you to slow life down and keep it simple! I forgot the healing capabilities of a simple swim or walk, the ability to rest the mind with a wordy book, the nourishing aspects of cooking a delicious healthy meal or treat, each day presented something new, each day became easier when ever I made it simple. 

So a task for you all!

  • What is making you stressed?
  • How can you simplify it?
  • How can you make each task that you do a continued goal in itself?


Goals I want you to practice today that you’ll be thankful for doing tomorrow:

  • Practice mindfully eating, exercising, cooking, or showering (if you’re in to that)
  • Do something relaxing for yourself that you haven’t had “time to do” in so long e.g a bath, yoga, walk or a massage
  • Create a mindset of simplicity “Today I will do exactly that I need to be doing” “I choose to make life easier not harder”


What is it that is right in front of you? What ever you can’t see in front of you is not worth your time or energy, keep it simple, keep it present! 


Find your simplicities through creating a positive mindset. My 6 week Modern Mindful coaching program focuses on exactly that, a combination of both mindfulness and coaching tools to create presence and awareness of thoughts for positive resulting actions! Follow the link below to get in touch!