Coach Me - An Insight into Core Coaching

An Insight into The Core Health

 Coaching Experience 

As a coach I work with you to hold yourself personally accountable to identify areas of change, then help you to make effective, passionate shifts within your current routines and lifestyle to get you to where you want to be. How’s that for a tag line! 

The ability to help from personal experience in which ignites comparison as well as a sense of authentic vulnerability in another, I believe is where the most passionate changes occur. The simple aspect of “I didn’t think anyone else was feeling or experiencing what I’m personally feeling” allows for much larger room for personal growth and experience without feeling afraid of sharing your current confusions of depleting thought processes. We all have times where we feel stuck, insecure, less than and the negative list can go on I’m sure, but this is where I’m going to stop you. 

STOP that list and make your positive change!

The first point of wanting to work with a coach is personally noting where you are, where you have been and where you are wanting to go, inclusive of your comprised thought processes and lifestyle habits in which you know truly aren’t serving you. You make that initial commitment, have that sense of power to want to make change and simply start. 



Questioning your self depleting questions… this is what it’s all about in coaching. We work together to build your awareness practice. Within my programs we focus mainly around mindset, then implement personally catered mindfulness techniques into your current lifestyle. With building your awareness, you begin to test long held depleting lifestyle habits, (with new acquired techniques) starting to re-wire them into nourishing new ones!

Want to know the best part? All you need is you! No fancy external objects to make you feel good, just a complete and utter commitment to self, trust me this is the best commitment you can ever make! Our awareness becomes one with the aspects of

  • “Why am I feeling this way?”
  • “Before I react out of an old habit, how can I react out of the best for myself”.

Here is your commitment.. creating the best life for yourself. Without sounding to cliche with all self help aspects, but honestly that’s simply it! What do I need right now?


“Sammie I want to get clear on areas within my life, I know I can do it, I’m sick of being so hard on myself for not doing so up until now!” This is an averaged nut shell of the tag line from most of my clients in our sessions. Once a repetitive action occurs that no longer creates happiness or fulfilment but rather the opposite of sadness, worry and self sabotage this is when we know we need to make change, this may take some time and we will continue to do this to ourselves until one day… bang! We’ve had enough. Do not belittle your process of not making change earlier, you have identified it and are making it now, commit to today, not what you should’ve done yesterday or the day before that, commit to your present, connect to the now and let’s work from there!


Sit with yourself right now.. Let the elements around you support you. How does this sentence resonate for you? How does the word support feel for you? How does it feel to create the mindset that you will always be supported?


Throughout this process we start to rely less on the support and justification of satisfaction from others acceptance and fulfilment, to focusing on self exploration for personal, authentic fulfilment. Testing old habits can be intimidating, whilst exploring long cooped up feelings that have been shoved under the subconscious rug for some time. We begin to no longer fear certain emotions or feelings, rather begin to note (at your own pace) why and how we react to them, building a view point of exploration around why we are feeling them, then implementing mindfulness techniques to rather “be” with our thoughts than to “go” with them. Exploration is key here, and most of the time we know what we have to do, sometimes an external view point can create the clarity we need and that’s why I’m here!


Working with serval coaches, mentors and psychologists myself over the years, I’ve realised the importance of venting to a third party. Someone who can offer me advice from what they have in front of them, through giving them my personal view points, experiences and feelings on my current situation, in which I’m seeking clarity on. Steps and advice are created from the present information, connecting to the common thread throughout the process of “presence" itself. Obtaining to goals and achievements for you to bring to every second of your day, nothing big, nothing dramatic, simply small steps each day to get you to where you want to be.


Creating and obtaining positive mindset shifts is the over all goal within my sessions! Developing personal adaptations within the mind, creates a need to continue your connection to awareness. Once you begin to note that you are not aware, this is when you become aware. Within this space you can either choose to go with an old habit (which is more than fine) or test said old habit with a new perspective learnt within our sessions. Birthing this new perspective within the mind, creates more opportunity for clarity in every other aspect of life whether it be work, health, mind or relationship related. Finding that clarity and content within what you truly need, creates immense definition of healthy prosperity in every other element of your life. To bring about good within your self, will soon enough begin to resonate everywhere else!

You have the ability to create what you want in life from this exact moment, don’t fear where you have or haven’t been yet, what you have and haven’t done, you have the opportunity within each second to create what you want. 

Create it now, create it clearly and create it passionately!


I’d love to work with you! My 6 session 1 on 1 Modern Mindful coaching program (inclusive of take home ebook) focuses around developing a Modern Mindset to limiting present day anxieties. Each step focuses on a mindfulness as well as a coaching tool to help you achieve pure and utter authentic presence within your days. Follow the link below to get in touch and start your change. Become a Modern Mindful

Speak to you soon, much love and health, Sammie x