How small shifts in Observation can help create healthier thoughts.

"What you observe is what you choose to see, what you choose to see, is what you choose to live"

What are you observing right now? What are you intentionally missing? Are you rushing your presence? Is it fulfilling once you’ve rushed and achieved what you had to? Can you observe right now what is physically in front of you?

It’s quite amazing all the small things that simply pass us by each day. Everything has and serves a purpose to support another, as we do to each other. We become narrow minded for the simple things we choose to observe and put our energy into. Yet we still choose to ignore the elements that probably deserve more of our time than what we are currently focusing on. 

Are we ignoring the good out of fear or apprehension to physically not want to connect to something new or intimidating, or are we connecting to elements in life considered as important because we aren't filling our time with enough of what we actually want in life? 

Observation, Monitoring, Opinion, Impression, Feeling, Reflection what ever which way you choose to look at it, how does the word Observation resonate for you?

Observation in the way of limiting daily anxieties presents itself in two ways, you can choose to observe and connect to what is limiting you or you can choose to observe what is uplifting you and commit to that. It's the shifts in building your awareness, giving you the ability to react not from a depleting habit but a nourishing step in a different direction. It is your choice what you choose to connect to, and it's also your choice in what you choose to see. 

Choosing to simply see what is physically in front of you, rather than being caught up in your past or future that has already passed as well as not occurred yet is the first step for building presence, as well as being a great bench mark for developing self talk when ever a fear based thought arises. 

“What ever I can’t physically see in front of me right now is not worth my time or energy”

When you choose to not only observe your surroundings but witness yourself from a nourishing view point, the things you think are "important", in which are currently taking up majority of your energy and thought processes, slowly but surely begin to become well.. less important.

Committing to the now, embracing the little achievements within your day and being able to re-count how you observed a situation at the end of the day, is holding yourself accountable for personal change. "What did I do to help change my thought process"

From reading this, I want you to see how many times you try to rush through a certain task each day. Sorry this is going to really annoy you now.. but in a good way. Creating that awareness and accountability for changing a long held habit starts from questioning long held beliefs, in this case, observing your own habits from both and external and internal view point. What am I choosing not to Observe, if I do put energy into this will it help me or deplete me?


Connecting back to the heading “What you observe is what you choose to see”. Let me elaborate a little on this. Focus on something right now, What do you immediately begin to think? what stories come up for you? Are they good or bad? Have you noticed anything else around your vision? They too have a purpose, I’m sure they have a story, but what you have chosen to observe is what you have chosen to see.

In a cliche kind of way, I’m trying to get this through that it is very similar to daily life and routines. Our observations of past, present and future circumstances is what we begin to see! How to make them clearer? Keep them simple! Commit to your tasks each day, but begin to question what you are choosing to observe, if it isn’t fulfilling you in a positive way, what is another element in which you can attain positive intention towards. Shift your perspective, create a nourishing present. 


Observe a day of simplicities, choose to see how something physically works. Using mindfulness of sight, I want you to pick 1 or 2 minutes within your day to literally stare at an element. It could be a leaf, a pattern in the ground, a car, what ever tickles your fancy. Observation of the simplicities, grows presence, from growing your presence you become more grounded and clear within your thought processes. 

Choose to simply observe. 

I work with the everyday person wanting to build a better relationship with their thought processes and further more resulting lifestyle actions. My Coaching program looks at a 6 session commitment to building a Modern Mindfulness practice, aimed to limit everyday anxieties, poor thought processes and to get very clear on maintaining, your personal lifestyle practices made specifically for you in our time together. 

For more information on my programs please follow the link below, or get in touch via the contact tab. I hope this read has helped you a little bit today. Be kind to yourself, Sammie x