The Road to Modern Mindful

The Road to Modern Mindful

Since my early teens, life has shown me firsthand how the experiences in our world can shape who we become.

Circumstances led me off the straight and narrow path more than I care to admit and at times it seemed like life was throwing me nothing but test after test until I got to the point of not knowing or understanding the person I had become. I started to feel lost; my connection to who I once was severed, not knowing the next step to take. I found myself living my present in fear of my past.

Living with chronic anxiety, eating and body related issues (as well as the after-effects of depression from a young age), I couldn’t understand or process what my thoughts and reactions were teaching me. I became scared to think, but even worse, I became frightened to feel. I associated certain feelings to elements of myself that I wished to ignore, so I didn’t have to deal with ‘bad’ or ‘sad’ emotions. This toxic habit of deflection and ignorance kept me firmly entrenched in life-depleting routines and soul-crushing patterns of behaviour.

Being a young woman in today’s social media-drenched world, the constant need to seek perfection and to keep up with the latest trend or the hottest ‘must-have’ took its toll on me. I found it increasingly harder to accept who I genuinely was as enough. I continually tried to find satisfaction in my social image, weight, appearance, status, job, relationships, friendship groups, food, and exercise. I lived in constant fear of being judged for not ever being ‘enough’, all the while never being able to find happiness in what I was doing. I chose to live for other people, using an external viewpoint to measure self-success and appreciation, rather than focusing on internal growth.

“...we can choose to feed and focus on our happiness.”

I didn’t know the power of showing gratitude for my past and its lessons; understanding what my present could teach me; and accepting whatever was to come in my future, all without fear taking hold.

After multiple admissions to hospital with health and stress- related issues, I knew that the toxic thought patterns and behaviours had to change. Instead of rejecting help, I finally accepted that I needed it! I threw myself into the ‘self- help deep end’ as if my life depended on it. I chatted with multiple psychologists and councillors; took meditation, health, and lifestyle coaching courses; and read book after book on how to change my mindset to create positive change. I discovered that this new path of self-discovery was what I had been craving for so long!

The ability to rewire my mindset, to change the self- sabotaging stories I had constantly told myself for years - even for just a couple of minutes - created a sense of ease and happiness in my soul. Cultivating that feeling on a permanent basis became my goal, and it fuelled my ambition and my commitment to putting myself first.


After developing an understanding and appreciation for my emotions and feelings, and using this knowledge to cultivate a mindfulness routine uniquely my own, I finally began to see clearly for the first time in my young life. Taping into this newfound clarity, I got real and asked myself the tough questions: What did I want to change in my life right now? What did I want to create? What did I want to achieve? After years of struggle and uncertainty, I was finally able to answer these questions because I understood the importance of creating purpose and a sense of self-worth in life.

I realised that we all have a choice: we can continue to fuel and focus on our suffering, or we can choose to feed and focus on our happiness. Either way, it all comes down to how we process our thoughts, what we choose to connect to, and how we choose to react.

And just like me, you have everything you need - right now, inside you - to create a life that is truly worth living. You don’t have to alter your passions, ambitions, or shape yourself into something else to be content and at peace.

Your path is (perfectly imperfectly) yours. Embrace precisely where it is you are right now, get clear on what you want, how you want to feel and simply choose to start!

Over the past couple of years, life has shown and taught me so many new and amazing things about myself. I've (gratefully) discovered secret parts of my being and purpose that have brought me more joy and peace than I could ever imagined possible. Creating this program has been one of them!

I dedicate this work not only to myself but also to everyone who welcomes Modern Mindful into their lives, to every amazing human looking to cultivate a life that brings them peace and prosperity. It takes courage to walk a new path, even in the pursuit of positive, passionate change. I honour your commitment to yourself and this process. I look forward to educating and empowering you on your journey, where ever you may be. Here's to building and thriving in your Modern Mindful Practice!

With love and health, Sammie x

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