Empowering you with modern, holistic knowledge & guidance to create your ideal life, encompassing nutrition, mindset & the way you live!

What are you current goals?

What do your commitments look like right now?

Are you your happiest, healthiest self?

Do you know what step to take next?

I offer an array of programs targeting to achieve overall well-being and authentic content within your life. Focusing primarily around small positive shifts within the mind combined with personally catered tasks and tools for you to implement into daily life from our sessions. I will help mentor you, to passionately break old habits into nourishing new ones, to over come what has been holding you back, in the most simple nourishing ways.

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“The commitment you make to yourself is the most important one you can ever make.”

Health & Mindset Coaching Program


Modern Mindful

Coaching Program

A 6 step program to building a Modern Mindfulness practice, aimed to limit daily Anxieties.


How can this help me?

This book is for the Modern Human stuck within their anxieties, stressors of life and inner turmoil you can’t seem to escape. These tools I base my life on and promise they can help you too!

This program is a combination of my coaching and mindfulness packages, brought together to bring you the most mindful, holistic, and authentic methods to making passionate lifestyle changes.

Using simple techniques to change your ingrained habits of diminishing beliefs, self- judgement, and negative thought patterns, this resource gets to the core of what you genuinely wish to have in life.

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Key Targets

Limit everyday stressors and anxieties

Become more aware of our thoughts and actions

Take personal corrective action for positive change

Look at how we create our suffering

Cultivate the ability to sit with unpleasant thoughts

Create more awareness and happiness in everyday life.

Build a solid foundation of mindful techniques and tools to use in everyday life + more

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Each Module includes two steps, where we will focus on both a coaching and mindfulness tool.
Aimed to change old thinking habits and the resulting daily actions, holding you personally responsible for the changes you make!

- 6 or (extended 12 sessions available) x One to One sessions (Available online also!)

- Tailor Made Action plan / goals after every session

- Free Copy of the Modern Mindful E - Program

- Free Copy of Core Health Food Coaching Booklet

- + more

If you feel as if the Modern Mindful Coaching Program positively resonates with you and are wanting more information on how to start, please click the button below to get in touch.

I'm happy to chat with you about any questions regarding your program.

I'd love to work with you on achieving your goals! 

The Core Intro Sessions

My Commitment with each and every one of my clients, is to help mentor you to achieve your goals and visions, utilising your strengths, personality and personal commitments in this process to passionately break barriers, create awareness and bring about positive change in your life.


What's Included?

I offer a personal 1 to 1 coaching program, specially catered to work around your availability and lifestyle, based on a minimum 3 to 4+ week time frame, to see results. Each program is tailored to your specific wants and needs, in order to achieve your specific goals.

Primarily focussing on improving your eating habits, mindset and the way you live.


This package encompasses:

- Personal Health and Lifestyle Guide

- Goals & Mindfulness Kit & Self Care Guide

- Access to The Core Community Facebook group

- First Access to Workshops and Events

- One to one or Skype + Email and Phone support

Student Coaching Sessions


HSC & University Student Mentoring

I’ve created a 5 session Coaching series to help you create healthy routines throughout your studies, to make sure you are making yourself your first priority.

" I’m fully committed to my clients to take your personal motivations, needs and passions to help make them reality. I create a tailored step by step guide from our meetings as a support to help you reach your goals. Focused around setting passionate intentions, building awareness, committing to your studies and building a compelling vision throughout our sessions."

We’ll cover steps to implement into your routines: Aiming for positive self care, mindset and nutrition practices. Focusing to boost positive study habits, keeping your mind as clear and content as possible.

If interested, please follow the button below! Sammie x (available at student pricing)