You are capable of so much more than you presently believe!

I have curated programs to get you unstuck from your self doubt & in flow to living your most confident life.


Modern Mindful

Unlock your Inner Confidence, Ditch your Self Doubt, Re-connect to a Fulfilled self.

8 WEEK 1:1 Mindset, Meditation and Emotional Confidence PROGRAM


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“I was at a time in my life where I knew what I wanted to do, had achieved it and now felt stressed, overwhelmed and had a lot of self doubt in how to progress to the next stage. My self confidence in all aspects of my life were also low. Months on, I am now mindful and have greater awareness of my actions. I set a non negotiable each day, I self reflect and I am always thinking if the next step I take will nourish me or deplete me, which sets the stage for more confident choices. I take time to be lovingly selfish without judging myself, I observe my behaviours, emotions and space in certain situations, I feel the most fulfilled within myself that I have for a long time!” Sophie (Naturopath) Modern Mindful Client


October 2019

Accept yourself powerfully, ditch the perfection Mindset, access whole body freedom!

8 week Group Body Image, Body Awareness, Mindful Eating, Movement and Self Love Coaching Program.


I was struggling really bad with binge eating & anxiety. I have had an eating disorder for around 5 years now. Constantly feeling like a victim and had a huge weight constantly sitting on my shoulders. You helped me uncover things I didn’t know I was bottling up and really helped me step back and observe why things were happening. I can never ever thank you enough for what you have given me. I seriously hit the lottery finding you. You have given me so much light and perspective on things I was so blinded by. You have taught me to build an understanding and practice towards accepting myself to do things for me. Switching my depriving mindset to look at all things in my life as if I have everything in abundance. I truly feel that now Bronte 1:1 Client




12 week Online Group Transformational Coaching Program

For those seeking MAJOR breakthroughs, the most value for their time, curated personalised sessions, plus 24 hour support to THRIVE in all areas of their life with Confidence!


“Sammie’s session were absolutely fantastic and they have helped me in multiple ways. I feel like my stress management, overwhelm and anxiety has improved ten fold. I am now able to redirect unhelpful thinking patterns and actions to ones that are more beneficial and nourishing to me. I am able to focus on my breath when moments of anxiety arise. Sammie taught me to recognise unhelpful thoughts and emotions as fleeting and that I do not have to attach onto them and accept them as truth. She was able to guide me to be able to replace such thoughts with ones that are more confidently aligned and uplift me” Renee Modern Mindful Client


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“Sammie has an aura and ability to make anyone feel comfortable and at peace within themselves. She encourages people to connect to themselves and the world around them on a deeper enriching level and guides them on a path to feel more fulfilment in all aspects of their life. I feel confident and empowered to take on any challenge, that was once extremely fearful for me, I am content and love who I am” Kate Modern Mindful Client