Client Testimonial : Modern Mindful 8 Week Mindset Program

Wow the changes I have noticed over the past few months have been amazing. Sammie you’re an absolute gem! Everything you have taught me resonates so much and you have had such a massive impact on my life, my perspective on life has changed beyond something I couldn’t even comprehend before starting with you. I was searching for years for that someone that could help me, I was so clouded and unaware of the damage my thoughts were doing to me mentally and physically. I wasn’t looking after myself. You have helped me realise how wonderful life is & how much purpose and direction I have. I feel the happiest I have been in years. That’s what is driving me. The feeling of content and happiness without anything dramatic happening. Being able to see clearer and make decisions based on how I’m feeling is a massive shift for me. My relationship with others have bettered because of the shifts I have made within myself. I will be forever grateful for your insight and help & cant wait to continue on with my journey.

Bronte x


Modern Mindful

Mindset Coaching Program

Do you currently fear your emotions, past or future? I help women create confident and nourishing connections with their emotional well-being!

I have specially created this 8 week Mindset Coaching program to provide you with the daily tools to create Presence, Purpose and Passion within each moment, to help you tackle anything that may come your way. We have to do the work within to benefit with out.. Let’s work together to get that started!


How can this help me?

Within our time together I will help you build a more in depth connection within the disconnects of your life! Focusing around re-wiring and re-building your connection with YOU! Aimed to change old thinking habits and the resulting daily actions, holding you personally responsible for the changes you make!

Using simple Mindful techniques to change your ingrained habits of diminishing beliefs, self- judgement, and negative thought patterns, this program gets to the core of what you genuinely wish to have in life.

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Key Targets

Limit everyday stressors and anxieties

Become more aware of our thoughts and actions

Take personal corrective action for positive change

Look at how we create our suffering

Cultivate the ability to sit with unpleasant thoughts

Create more awareness and happiness in everyday life.

Build a solid foundation of mindful techniques and tools to use in everyday life + more

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- Access to The Core Health Community Facebook support group

- First Access to Workshops and Events

- Tailor Made Action plan / goals after every session

- Free Copy of the Modern Mindful E - Program

- Discount to Level 2 Program

- + more

Core Confidence Bootcamp

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