1 to 1 Coaching Voucher: 2 x Sessions

Copy of Coaching Session Gift (2).png
Copy of Coaching Session Gift (2).png

1 to 1 Coaching Voucher: 2 x Sessions


A gift of growth! Do you know anyone that may be needing a little guidance to focus on their self care, who may feeling a bit lost, someone you know has a passion they want to take to the next level? This voucher includes two introductory Mindfulness and Lifestyle Coaching sessions with me! Follow the form for more information!

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1 to 1 Mindset Coaching Sessions

This Voucher entitles you to two Introductory Mindset Coaching Sessions with me!

We will go through the basics to assess and establish ground level direction within your personal goals and lifestyle, attaining to key mindset and meditation tools to take with you and implement into your life beyond our sessions!

You will also have direct access into my supportive Facebook forum, which only my Modern Mindful Coaching clients have access to. Within this space you have first access to freebies, upcoming programs and discounts for any of my events and workshops! I hope to to nurture and continue your Mindfulness Journey with you beyond our time together!

Terms and Regulations:

  • The use of these sessions are only available within 6 months of purchasing

  • I will need proof of purchase as well as identification to start your sessions!

  • I will need at-least two weeks notice to process and book in your allocated time!

  • These sessions will be run via Skype and Face-time!

  • If you have anymore questions please tap the Questions box below!

Copy of Coaching Session Gift (2).png