Body Image Workshop

To The Core


Body Image Workshops

Personal immersive workshop tapping into all things positive body image.

Targeting, Wellbeing, Mindset and Positive Self Assurance. 


Learn how to keep your authenticity in a socially influential world

Get a personal one on one view on my story and the steps I took on my road to “Enough” 

Learn techniques to teach yourself to build a daily practice of self care

For those struggling with identity awareness, to be happy in your own skin

How to take yourself from where you are now to where you want to be, from the external to the internal 

Mindfulness and Grounding techniques to take with you beyond the workshop

A collective, mindful workshop to promote kindess to self  Plus more x

If you would like for me to come and run this workshop within your space please click the button below to get in touch!

I'd love to work with you, Sammie x