Empowering you with knowledge and guidance to create your ideal life, encompassing nutrition, mindset and the way you live.


Hello you! I’m Sammie I’m the modern mindful creator of The Core Health.


A quick fix doesn’t equal a long lasting transformation. I work closely with clients to address their issues around their over all health, looking at the way you eat, think and your daily routines. My commitment with each and every one of my clients, is to help mentor you to achieve your goals and visions, utilising your strengths, personality and personal commitments.


Through nutrition, mindset and the way you live, we will work closely together creating a tailor made package catered to your everyday needs and wants around your health. Utilising my Health and Wellness Coaching credentials connected to my Plant Based Chef certifications and Mindfulness Meditation Practices for anxiety, my programs encompass the most holistic approach to achieving your goals we make in our time together. Focusing on long held, solution based adaptations to take with you beyond our meetings.


I intend to empower you with modern wisdoms, minds with everyday, grounding mindfulness techniques and stomachs with nutritious plant based, whole-food recipes, “The Core” essentials to living a fulfilling healthy lifestyle.




Meet Sammie

“Today I live, today I am me, today I am the person I am to be”

Sammie Flook

Coaching was my subconscious passion from a young age, "catering to my nurturing nature", I've always had an internal need to help people. Based from my own journey, I feel the best way to help others is to share the ability to help from the growth of your own experiences and passions.

From my early teens I battled with body confidence, self-esteem issues and poor lifestyle routines, resulting in multiple health implications, and daily anxieties. When I found myself at “rock bottom”, for the first time in my young life I learnt that you have to become so personally afected by something in order to truly start making positive, corrective actions, to find the best version of yourself.


Changing my routines, I chose to see my long held patterns as not fearful past experiences or a battle, but rather as my time to flourish and grow, to use these experiences as power. The commitment you make to yourself is the most important one you can ever make. Finding my internal connections through the creation of healthy, nourishing food and building positive mindset practices, focusing on the inside, in order to help myself on the outside. Connecting my internal passions with my purpose, I’ve gone on to finish my Health and Wellness Coaching credentials with my Plant Based Chefs certification, to bring you the most holistic approach to our time together. The aspect of healing the mind, nourishing the body and creating your own story, is something that has truly allowed me to appreciate where I have been, to where I am now and to be excited for whats to come.


This is something that I passionately am going to share with you all in the hope to, Empower you with knowledge and guidance to create your ideal life.