Hello lovely! I’m Sammie, thank you for landing on my page!


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Meet Sammie

“Today I live, today I am me, today I am the person I am to be”


The day I said YES to myself and simply showed up to my fears was the day my journey began! So I welcome you to be here, right now in this moment and to say YES to you!

Coaching was a subconscious, pre-meditated job from a young age! I’ve always found myself guiding and helping those who felt lost, in emotional pain or were stuck in patterns of self sabotage to step up and ditch their draining beliefs and unlock their most clear, powerful, happy & fulfilled selves!


From then to now!

From my early teens I battled with body confidence, self-esteem issues and poor lifestyle routines, resulting in multiple health implications and daily anxieties. When I found myself at rock bottom, for the first time in my young life I learnt that you have to become so personally affected by something in order to truly start making positive, corrective actions, to find the best version of yourself.

Changing my long held routines on a daily basis, I chose to see my long held patterns as not fearful past experiences or a battle, but rather as my time to flourish and grow, to use these experiences as power. The commitment you make to yourself is the most important one you can ever make, and this is something I am deeply passionate about educating and guiding people on.


How did I get here?

After doing the work on the areas of my life that needed a little more loving, I worked with multiple health coaches, took myself to retreats, studied and made myself my number one priority! I connected back to the simplicities, basing my life on internal commitments, rather then relying on external justification such as body image, work, weight or social status, rather beginning to focus on my Self Growth, Relationships as well as my ability to Give back from my experiences! The main connections that I have found within our society especially for young women is the disconnect of confidence within themselves. I focus on building nourishing emotional awareness practices in all areas of life, connecting to implementing shifts within daily habits and positive mindset practices.

Connecting my internal passions with my purpose, I’ve gone on to finish my Health and Wellness Coaching credentials, Meditation for Emotional Well-being, Level 2 Reiki Energy Work and Plant Based Chefs Certifications. The aspect of healing the mind, nourishing the body and creating your own story, is something that has truly allowed me to appreciate where I have been, to where I am now and to be excited for whats to come.

Want to work with me?

My Programs and Workshops have helped hundreds of women transform their lives, to step up into their confidence, own their worth and place action around what once were simply thoughts of goals.. is it time for you to start living your goals?

Client Testimonial: Modern Mindful Program

“Sammie you are a breathe of fresh air in my life, you created a space where I felt safe to share my experiences and break barriers I never thought could be changed! You are the first person I have ever felt comfortable with to share my scary thoughts and habits, but you made me feel as if they were something beautiful and as you say “The elements of darkness in life are the same elements in which you can create your own light within”. You guided me so lovingly to take life happily into my own hands and work hard daily to change my perspective, understanding that change comes from passion and the willingness for a better outcome from yourself!

Each week through our mindful practice or exploring and getting to know myself, I have never felt more content and “whole”, each step I take is a nourishing one, without the pressure or comparison but a step forward for me and what I need, I can’t thank you enough and would recommend this to anyone who is needing some guidance! Melissa x