Hey I’m Sammie, Mindset and Wellness Coach and the creator of The Core Health!

“Guiding you to create Empowering Self Confidence, Healthy Emotional Awareness and Daily Authentic Purpose”

A quick fix doesn’t equal a long lasting transformation. I work closely with clients to address their issues around their over all health, focusing around creating mindful connection within the disconnects within life. My commitment with each and every one of my clients, is to nourishingly mentor you to achieve your goals and visions, utilising your strengths, personality and personal commitments, to break old habits into confident new daily adaptable one’s!


Changing my routines, I chose to see my long held patterns as not fearful past experiences or a battle, but rather as my time to flourish and grow, to use these experiences as power. The commitment you make to yourself is the most important one you can ever make. Focusing on changing your habits in the most holistic, simple and healthiest ways is something I am very passionate about creating with my clients. We must do the work within to benefit without!



1 to 1 Mindset Coaching

I help you find the connection within the disconnects of your life, focusing around mindful techniques to build adaptable long lasting tools for self empowered growth!




Workshops catered around all things
mindful, motivational and most
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"For the first time in months I have felt proud of myself and finally felt some positive thoughts. I really can’t thank you enough, what you are doing for people is so amazing, I’m so glad I found you!!! You are the first professional person I’ve ever spoken to about my eating disorder in high school and to let that out has also been such a huge relief I didn’t know I needed so thank you."


"Before Sammys life coaching I was about to have a mental breakdown! I have always suffered with really bad inflammation (eczema, asthma, chrons) so I was pretty much stressed about everything when it came to my own health and how to be healthy. I was also feeling really lost which I feel is a big/ common thing for people in our age bracket. Not only has Sammy educated me about food but now I have a way bigger understanding about my own mental health and wellbeing. Now my eczema is cleared, I haven't used my asthma puffer in about a month! I'm feeling great and it's all thanks to this gem ! Thanks Sam for everything you have done for me"

"I attended a seminar of Sammie's focused on all things Body Image, Mindset and building a relationship with food, further more building a relationship with yourself. I engaged in 3 sessions with Sammie, being very apprehensive of tapping in and changing long held routines. I can honestly say I am the happiest I've ever been since changing my views, with my over all well-being and making myself my first priority for the first time in a long time. Working with Sammie has honestly opened me up to so much more in life that I used to fear, I now stick to my own journey and feel content within myself as well as my surroundings, thank you Sammie xx"  Modern Mindful Client

"I found Sam’s coaching an empowering experience that has truly started me on a new life journey.  I am a social worker and so am not new to self-improvement techniques however, the unique combination of support around nutrition, movement, goal setting, healthy habits, body awareness and anxiety management and various techniques to improve these areas worked brilliantly for me.  My time with Sam allowed me to step back and call out the double standards I was living.  The habits and stories I tell myself were brought to my attention and I was given fantastic techniques to address these hurdles when they arise.  I would encourage anyone wanting to make positive, healthy changes to their lifestyle and put into motion life goals, to check out Sam and what she can offer." Modern Mindful Client

" I completed 7 coaching sessions of Sammie’s mindful program. Sammie’s session were absolutely fantastic and they have helped me in multiple ways. I feel like my mindful awareness has improved ten fold. I am now able to redirect unhelpful thinking patterns to ones that are more beneficial and nourishing to me. I am able to focus on my breath when moments of anxiety arise. Sammie taught me to recognise unhelpful thoughts and emotions as fleeting and that I do not have to attach onto them and accept them as truth. She was able to guide me to be able to replace such thoughts with ones that uplift me. 
I really looked forward to going to Sammie’s sessions each week, they always set me up really well for the week ahead. Each week we focused on a different aspect of mindfulness that gave me something to work toward and focus on each week. 
Sammie’s sessions are fun and enlightening. I really think that anyone can get something positive out of them. I would highly recommend the mindful program. " Modern Mindful Client


Recognised in Collective Hub as a girl to watch within Small Business