Modern Mindful Workshops

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Modern Mindful Workshops


Modern Mindful Live Workshop!

Saturday 21st of September @scultpbarrefitness in Manly!


"Unlock your Inner Confidence, Ditch your Self Doubt, Re-connect to a Fulfilled self"

Modern Mindful is my longest running program. This Workshop will support you in taking your first steps to getting internally clear so you can show up grounded, confident and in flow in every area of your life!

Focusing on all things:

- Building awareness around working through Limiting beliefs & self doubt

- Creating internal FLOW.. Re-building a loving connection to areas of resistance in your life e.g relationships, work, body image, success

- Releasing the comparison & self judgement cycle

- Re-defining success & internal fulfilment

- Unlocking why fear pops up in certain areas of your life + tools to support you to initiate change!

- Releasing Pressure, Expectations & Opinions of others. finding your authentic voice and trust within to take inspired action towards your goals!

- Mindfulness practices to find more joy, clarity, presence & confidence in your day to day life.

- Mindset Coaching tools + Spiritual Healing techniques to work through past wounds, get you out of your head, into your present confidence & welcome in more ooozing self acceptance!

_ Meditation & Self Healing techniques to build a more loving & adaptable relationship with yourself, thoughts and emotions!

+ lots more


- Modern Mindful Ebook Valued at $49.99

- Drinks & Snacks

- Goodie bag

- Workbook

- plus a special 1:1 offer with me!

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