~ Modern Mindful ~ An Interactive Coaching Program

Modern Mindful Ebook
Modern Mindful Ebook

~ Modern Mindful ~ An Interactive Coaching Program

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Start your Self Development Journey in the palm of your hands, create yourself a Modern Mindfulness Practice!

Read below for more information on starting your Modern Mindful Journey!

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A combination of my Coaching and Mindfulness packages, brought together to bring you the most mindful, holistic, and authentic methods to making passionate lifestyle changes.

A 130 page Interactive E-book, comprised of 6 Modules aiming to limit everyday anxieties, stress and mental setbacks.  All in the palm of your hands.


~Limit Daily Anxieties ~ Reduce Stress ~ Create Clarity ~

How it works?

Each of the 6 Modules include two steps: 

Step 1: Mindfulness Practice

Step 2: Coaching Tool

~ Focusing around a Module a week basis ~

Every Module inclusive of connected steps are aimed to change current depleting thinking habits and the resulting daily actions, into nourishing, positively affective new ones! Holding you personally responsible for the changes you make!

Mindfulness tasks as well as personal Coaching tools are curated to help you stay on track with your goals and commitments created at the beginning of the program, guiding you with easily adaptable practices into your daily life. 

Ease through the program at your own pace, filling out all interactive fields from any device once downloaded. When you have finished the program, you are able to go back through to track your progress from where you first started, up until present day. If you ever feel the desire to re-do the program at any point, simply, duplicate the E-course file to start again. The Modern Mindful course will present itself differently each time, dependent on your current shifted goals and achievements, continuing to build a deeper connection to your self development journey. 

> Key Targets

Become more aware of your thoughts and actions                                         Feel more present and grounded in daily life

Develop a modern mindset to stop doing and start being                              Look at how we create our own suffering

Cultivate the ability to sit with unpleasant thoughts                                       Build an affective awareness practice

Build a solid foundation of daily mindful techniques                                       Take personal corrective action for positive change

+ more included in your program

Focusing around small, personal shifts each day for lasting authentic results!

From Sammie

"The ability to rewire my mindset, to change the self- sabotaging stories I had constantly told myself for years - even for just a couple of minutes - created a sense of ease and happiness in my soul. Cultivating that feeling on a permanent basis became my goal"

"I created this program for the everyday person, to adapt small mindful changes into their current lifestyles, no matter who you are, where you have been or where ever you are to go, you have the ability to change the gear from negative to contently happy. A small shift of positive perspective, combined with a passionate commitment to self, leaves room for amazing personal growth. I have trialled and tested this program in many one to one sessions with my clients finding amazing results in limiting daily anxieties, success on achieving personal goals and commitments as well as creating authentic clarity in daily life. I wanted to make this accessible for the everyday person to do the same."

"I hope to guide and nourish you on your journey where ever you may have been, to where ever you are now and to be lovingly open to where you are to go. Get honest with what you truly want in your life, ease through the program at your own pace and test your boundaries kindly, amazing shifts are just a click away, enjoy your Modern Mindful Practice" Sammie x

Modern Mindful is also available as a 1 to 1 Coaching program. I'll work with you on a deeper more personal level, to build you a set of specially catered Mindful Practices and Coaching tools, specific to your personal needs and want's, tailored into goals within our sessions together. 

Delving into the 6 Modules, we will work together to achieve your personal commitments and Well-being goals!

If you have any queries regarding the 1 to 1 or the online Modern Mindful Program, please contact me via the tab below!