That one Simple Step!

That one Simple Step! 

Coming into a New Year there always seems to be pressures to have achieved, to have that overwhelming internal yearning feeling of success and fulfilment as our resulting outcome of the past 12 months! We tend to focus so definitively on what hasn’t gone to plan or what hasn’t made us feel complete we forget to sit back and reflect on what has! Usually our daily goals maybe a little smaller than our current connection for satisfaction as something larger to feel fulfilled, such as an external object filling that definition of success. When we begin to open our current view point to something more internal and simplistic we begin to see more opportunities are presented to us. The more we step up and show up we begin to understand that we can actually authentically achieve more than we give ourselves credit for!

Throughout my sessions with my clients it gives me so much joy to offer guidance in creating a new perspective or as I like to call it  an “opening”, into another view point that is actually accessible to all of us.. but first we must narrow it down to what is holding us back from seeing and feeling this on a daily aspect! 

So let me ask you this now.. this is something that I ask my clients within every session.. “What has and hasn’t worked for you today/ week / month!” We are societally programmed to see the faults, when we do this we begin to justify, attach or place stories around the meaning of our failures, without simply acknowledging them and taking the lesson that are actually presented from them! 

“Our lives are the outcome of the questions we ask ourselves daily”.. 

Check in and Reflect!

If we don’t ask ourselves the simple question of what is working for me that I’m enjoy connecting to, that is also giving me that positive reacting emotion as well as encouraging me to continue with this nourishing habit/action. When we can respond to the lesson without getting caught up in the overwhelming story of what hasn’t, is where we create space to take our internal purposeful steps! 

Right now.. take 3 slow and deep breathes, asking yourself.. what honestly isn’t/ hasn’t been working for me this year! We are human, we chop and change, we are presented with new challenges daily, new perspective and new information, if we got things perfectly right or felt good about everything all the time we would be pretty emotionally and presently unaware. The perspectives and opportunities for growth that come from being able to take the step into the unknown of change from what may be presented as fearful, or intimidating at this point may be exactly what you have to dip your toes into! Again we must be mindful that within this action this must be encouraging and positive to self growth within us as well as our external life also! 

So what hasn’t worked for you this year? Remember this isn’t a failure or something to get caught up in but is our next bit of information for where we need to put in the work next! Write them down! 

“If I was to escape the comforts of my control, what would this bring me?”

Let’s chat control!

Controls keep us comfortable.. they keep us tucked up nice and safe.. in a routine.. in the same perspective.. with the same people.. and after a while we become bored, repetitive and maybe a little lost! Success is accessible to us daily.. yet we make it so unachievable for ourselves! Hands up (virtual hands up) if you create that story of failure around an outcome for yourself before you’ve even tried? Yeppp Ahhh Haaa we’ve all been there! This is why our Mindset and being kind to our Mindset with offering ourselves that alternative nourishing option is so essential for us to start from right now.. yes right now! No matter how scary you think getting up on stage, starting that business, switching your habits, slowing your life down, what ever your story might be right now, is where you are right now exactly where you want to be? Where is it that you want to go? Just observing both options assess for yourself right now one little simple step you can take, it could literally be to just breathe right now! 

Let me touch base with you! I remember my exact shifting thought process within my first step into change and let me tell you these steps came in ways before this thought process, are still continuing and will continue to occur throughout life as we grow! But for right now I’m talking about that moment when I didn’t know what was up or down, side to side, I was in this spiral of disconnect! Until one day I knew enough was enough.. I remember having a friend who had just lost a family member coming in to check on me after she had just had the most life changing experience. This was my wake up call, I realised that all the stories, barriers and just shit I was doing to myself was all self inflicted and actually not representative of my present life, or what I wanted it to look like. I had that one little spark of desire so I sat down and wrote down. “What isn’t working for me right now and what am I going to do to change it!” Here is what I wrote: I sort out the key elements in which I felt a disconnect within my life, where I wanted to create purpose, presence and passion around instead!

From Sammie May 2013: Finding the Connect within the Disconnects

Food: I am aware that I have a poor connection with my food and the emotions that I am connecting with that. I must put in the work to build a more loving and nourishing relationship with this.. the next day I bought whole foods cooking books and later that month signed up for a nutrition course! (Again start simple.. take small steps.. books are great for this)

Mindset : I am aware that I am unable to sit with my emotions without worrying or connecting a negative habit to it within my next step! I wish to create a purposeful present where I can be less reactive and more lovingly aware! That next week I booked in for a Mindfulness Mediation course and signed up with my first Coach! 

Movement: I am pushing my Body beyond it’s limits, when I exercise I am doing it for the wrong reasons. I aim to try and slow down my life and listen to what my body needs! I went on to quit my gym membership and sign up for pilates and yoga! Swimming and adventuring beyond my comfort zone with the free simplicities of the world around me! (< These are always accessible, remember that simple movement is still movement)

Relationships: I have created a large disconnect with my family and friends, pushing away help and advice from my loved ones that I know is just something that I don’t want to hear! I understand I must begin to trust and listen to myself in order to be more open and accepting to those around me!

Self Care: My actions have all been external, my body, soul and mind has be compromised. I choose to put myself, my mind and my body first in all that I do so that I can be the best version of myself.. what ever that looks like on a day to day aspect! 


That line there.. putting myself first was bloody hard let me tell you but it was the most nourishing, life enhancing and encouraging thing I can tell you to do! I feel the word or feeling of selfish potentially coming up, but when we are lovingly selfish for self growth, we can’t judge ourselves as well as can’t allow judgments to come in or be absorbed (as much) from others! Taking these elements that were organically coming up and out I finally took the steps to swapping the depleted elements of my life to nourishing ones! What areas can you look at, what small step can you take today so that tomorrow you will be grateful for taking it?

What ever story or comfort zone you are in now.. how is it making you feel? Without attaching to that feeling or judging your present emotion how can you simply observe, breathe and take the time to allow yourself an alternative encouraging reaction? 

Today connect and start to build your awareness.. “Is my next step going to nourish me or deplete me?” You are accountable for your actions.. what nourishing step can you choose for yourself right now? I’ve included a little video from my Modern Mindful Mindset Coaching Program to help get you started with your Mindfulness Practice! See what resonates for you within this video, write down what comes up for you and always allow that time to reflect! As when we reflect we are able to direct our next step! Keep in self loving and aligned with where you are wanting to go, you’ve got this!

Sit with your reflections from this post.. what has come up for you? If you’re wanting to create that Empowering Self Confidence, Healthy Emotional Awareness and Daily Authentic Purpose, I am now taking the waitlist for my 2019 Coaching Clients.. there are big and exciting changes coming for all of my Core Health Clients next year, and I’d love you to be apart of it! So go on… take that step! Click the link below to receive your form to get in touch and organise your courtesy call!

Much love and health always, Sammie x