Overcoming limiting beliefs. 

How to beat the daily backlash!

You aren’t good enough to do this? People are going to think you’re different? You’re not qualified enough! You don’t have enough time… sound familiar?

Our battles with our own mind and further more the stories we tell ourselves in our heads, become exhausting after a while. Living with limiting beliefs, takes us to a bit of a lull in life, we have those ideas, visions and thoughts of what we want in our lives, fulfilling our passions, either for work, travel or any aspect of everyday life. 

Think about the limiting beliefs you tell yourself each day!

How do they make you feel?

How do they set you back? ...further more

What can you do to change the stories you tell yourself each day?

In the wise words of Anthony Robbins “all of our actions are the result of our beliefs”, connecting with this note, we need to remember that... 

Most of our beliefs are generalisations about our past, based on our interpretations of both painful and pleasurable experiences.


The limiting beliefs we tell ourselves each day are no more than destructing for:

  • Where we want to be
  • Where we can actually visually see ourselves being
  • It’s that energy / want that I want you to attach too, it’s there hiding within, it’s just about taking this belief and swapping these limiting beliefs from the front seat to the back.

Most of us do not consciously decide what we believe, it’s hard in today’s society! We are induced with fear from the media, told what we need to do to feel “successful” what we need to look like, eat, how long we need to sleep, and the list goes on, thats exhausting in itself. Often our belief systems are governed, based on misinterpretations of past experiences, once we adopt a belief we forget it is merely and interpretation from how we have perceived a past situation, brought forward to our present. 

Another moment of relief I found in Anthony Robbins book, Awaken the Giant Within, “We begin to treat our beliefs, as if they are realities, as if they are gospel. In fact we rarely if ever, question our long held beliefs.”

To shift our limiting beliefs we have to look at them as if they are coming from just an aspect of our personality, not our authentic self. They are coming from a part where we have once been not where we are now, they are coming from a place that isn’t fulfilling our true desires and wants. The most important aspect is how these beliefs make us feel, as what we begin to feel is what begin to attract.

So where do we begin to change our limiting beliefs?

First write down all the limiting beliefs you have about yourself:

Think back to where they have stemmed from, this may release some emotions, but thats okay, releasing is the first step to changing. They are not your emotions now, they are past feelings, being brought into the present and thats what we want to change. Sit with them, feel it out, think of the reasons they are popping up.

  • Are they fear based?
  • Do they make you question your decision of making change?
  • Do they make you feel excited? Write them down. 

Question your Questions: Re-wire

  • Are my thoughts benefiting me?
  • Are my emotions reacting to how I am feeling?
  • Are my energy levels relevant to my thoughts?
  • How am I feeling?

Make the shift:

When we start to have limiting beliefs, stop breathe and tune in;

Think… "Are these thoughts relevant to my present or simply interpretations of my past"

"Are they serving me now?"

"What can I do right now to shift these limiting beliefs, to further more shift my feelings and my energy."

No matter what you're situation is, if you are feeling low, think of something that is going to make you happy, or simply laugh or smile. The simplicities of a healthy giggle and smirk releases even the smallest amount of happy endorphins into your body, blast some music, take a bath, or write down how you are feeling, even scream if you have to.

Recite your focus:

“I am not the present of my past”

“My past has taught me so much, which I can grow and learn from”

“I connect to positive energy, I am positive, I receive positivity”

What ever you’re limiting beliefs are connecting to, figure out your wording on how you can change the story in your head, and simply laugh at the things you are telling yourself on what you can’t achieve, as you can literally achieve anything. Do it out of the best outcome for yourself, and even your own opinions can't counter act that! 

Simply Start! 



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