Let’s get real… Building healthy habits and routines!

Let’s get real… Building healthy habits and routines!


Habits and Routines can prove some what intimidating when trying to stay on track and even more confronting when broken! I’m about to get very Real with you on some essential steps to building your own set of healthy habits. 


First of all lets start with a clean slate, it’s just you, me and your computer.. nothing else is in need of your attention right now. 

We must get clear on the internal in order to help our external, day to day lives. 


Ask yourself the following and see how your answers flow: let them come naturally and openly!


What is holding me back from sticking to certain routines and healthy habits?


What am I still connecting to that I refuse to let go of?


How are my resulting emotions and actions around my current habits?


What does the best version of myself look like?


What am I going to do to make this happen?


No matter how you answered the previous questions, the biggest note I want you to take from this is how your current actions are making you feel? If you’re being 100% honest with yourself right now, are they benefitting or depleting you?


What aspects of your life do you truly feel accomplished with or feel content joy around? These my friends are the ones to stick with! I’m not saying never go out and smash those 50% off drinks from Merivale ever again, but what is your intention around your habits and routines and what are your ideas and commitments to the outcomes from your daily actions? 

Let’s focus on that word intention!


The health industry on a societal and most importantly personal level is something probably the equivalent of trying to rope a bull with a piece of string! We have so so much information thrown at us each day of how we should look, eat, feel, speak and move! It’s confronting to find a routine all your own.. but thats the trick in itself! Make it your own! This path is yours, no one else’s. 


Jumping off the straight and narrow from societies conforms of what the media has produced as normal, to what specifically works for you without having to justify your steps, is where you find content and authentic habits and routines. You are simply living, you are simply thriving and you are doing it on your own nourishing terms. Let me tell you, these habits and routines will be broken more times than you will be able to count, but it is your resulting reactions around breaking them. Create the mindset of “This is what I have to do for me right now to feel good, and I have plenty of time to replenish”. Take the guilt aspect away and feel content within your decisions, as well as even more content in your ability to learn from your actions.

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Think about what you did today, are you doing these actions to better yourself or are you doing them because you think you have to? Are you filling a void? 

I’m going to touch base on compensating well-being for limiting success and happiness.. we all do it! Let me give you a little insight to my relationship with my habits and routines from my past to where I comfortably am now.


I lived life beyond my own content, I was rushing to achieve the word “perfection” as I couldn’t find content in any way, shape or form with who I was. I jeopardised my mental and my physical form in this on and of again war with who I was, in order to have others “acceptance” where I couldn’t find my own. This became relevant in all of my habits and routines, specific to Over Exercising and Eating, creating a “Depriving Mindset”. For each habit I would stigmatise and attach perfection to it, in the way of “Clean” eating, when I say clean I mean restrictive, starving and calorie counting, then compensating with over exercise to un-do said “damage”. My intention was not to Nourish but to achieve an un-achievable outcome of perfection. I knew that these habits and routines 1: didn’t make me feel good physically or emotionally and 2: sent me further and further away from who I actually was.


The above questions are something I ask myself on a weekly basis to stay in check. Self talk may sound funny but it’s your right hand man! You have to become so personally affected by something in order to make cemented changes around said habit. For myself it became the constant battle with my health and well-being, to the point I couldn’t get out of bed, socialise and became a shell.. nope not fun. The biggest achievement from this was building my awareness, and that little ounce of light at the end of the tunnel is all you need! That tiny bit of awareness within your process is your step up the ladder, you may take a couple down, but you learn how to step two steps next time!


Committing to routines and actions that connected with my intention of “Being Enough”, began to result in my daily antics, in the most positive of nourishing ways. I began to test my “depriving” habits at my own pace, started to say no to things that didn’t do me well, and became open to say yes to the things that did! I began to thrive, from thriving elements! Your habits become your routines. If your habits are sabotaging your goals, it’s time to re-align them!


I’ll be discussing a whole segment on this in an upcoming workshop “Real Talk”, providing you with the essential tips and tools to create your own set of healthy, mindful and authentic habits and routines! Follow the link below to book your seat! Would love to see you there!