A Modern Meditation Practice

Your Modern Mindful Practice

The MM practice”
Non judgemental attention to our present day experiences. Using daily mindset techniques within any present situation, promoting Awareness, Passion and Purpose! A Modern Meditation Practice.

Growing up with chronic anxiety connected to onset depression in my late teens, I didn’t have the ability to know the meaning or pure creation of what my feelings and emotions could tell me, non the less to know that they could actually help me. I saw the need not only from myself but for many of my friends, family as well as conversations in the media of people feeling that they were never good enough, having anxieties around the simplest things, not knowing how to be with themselves authentically and happily. Rather fearing where they have been, where they are now and where they are going. Not being able to be contently present.

Most of us find it hard to create the “time” to be able to implement a slowing like behaviour into our busy schedules, we fear not constantly doing something, we despise not achieving, soon enough I began to see this constant need for external achievement was nothing more than an escape of not feeling content within myself. 

I wanted to create a practice where the every day person is able to bring about an aspect of presence and awareness no matter who you are, where you are, what you are doing or how you are feeling. To escape the niche that you have to wear active wear, drink a green juice or go to yoga everyday in order to implement these changes, no people we all possess the abilities and the secret tool is nothing but ourselves. 


On the increasing rise of anxiety stemmed by our fast paced world, influence of social media and all other elements in which bring us further away from our true selves, it’s of great importance to understand your emotions and feelings, what they can tell you, and how they can help you to react with a nourishing reaction, rather than a depleting one. 

The Modern Mindful Practice looks at focusing around the simplicity of the breathe where ever you are, backed up by positive self talk that will progress and expand throughout the body as each step goes on. Building an awareness within every aspect of yourself, noting the importance of having a consistent non judgemental relationship with your thought processes. 

Aim for today: Build your awareness; try to catch your thoughts before they develop into something far more significant than they have to be.

Building and committing to our awareness of our thought processes and resulting actions all depends on how and whether we choose to connect to them. Think about when you are angry, frustrated or concerned, how quickly do you react to another from this emotion without actually realising you are doing so? Have you stopped, tapped in and explored why or what has made you feel this way? Have you taken steps to slow, become aware and catch these thought processes as simply just words and pictures in your head?

Our awareness is built through commitment to self, around an aspect we want to work on. Whether it be fear, a repetitive habit or depleting thought process such as chronic anxiety or worry. The ability to breathe, clear, come back to and understand our bodies reactions to certain situations we find ourselves in, knowing that our emotions are natural signs and signals from the body in any given situation. Reacting with a nourishing reaction rather than an old one. That is our awareness and this is our task each day. 

The internal viewpoint: To bring ourselves within and how this can help you to view your thoughts a little differently.   

The internal view point? Does this seem strange to you? At the end of the day we want to become passionately connected with the person we have the most conversations with each day.. Ourselves! To bring ourselves back when we put ourselves down, to create the ability to say no to situations that don’t serve us, but to say Yes without fear to the ones that will nourish us. To know what is right starts from within, listening as well as feeling how we react to external stimuli. 

The whole purpose of the program is to get to know yourself, from where you have been to where you are now. Yet again holding yourself accountable to not deplete but lift yourself up. 

As you go through each module, creating and adapting to your own Modern Mindfulness Practice in each given task, we begin to trust and test our thoughts a little differently, we begin our change. These changes aren’t anything huge, but notifying and creating our own path, exploring and committing to ourselves. 

What are you saying to yourself right now? How can you add a little more kindness to your situation? What words can you change within your speech? Start now.                       


Importance of creating a daily practice: To build trust within each second.


Each second presents itself completely differently to the next, within these seconds we experience a numerous amount of lessons and opportunities to change our awareness within ourselves. To not rather wait for time to hurry up and move on based on the fear of certain situations or circumstances, begin to trust that you have the ability to not only create and change your suffering but to bring about and shift your happiness where ever you are. 

Beginning and creating a daily practice.. this is where we start. To simply check in with ourselves when ever we need, whether its self talk, our Modern Mindful practices that we learn within each step of the Modules, or a Coaching tool within the program to help create your change. It’s about finding what works for you in your routines, not anyone else, You! Committing to what you set out to do and creating trust within your process.

For more information on how to begin your Modern Mindful Practice, simply click the link below. I hope to encourage and guide you on where ever you are on your journey, thanks for reading! Sammie x