Beyond Failure

Beyond Failure

“The Lesson Perspective”

Failure.. sit with the personal meaning of this for yourself. What experiences immediately arise? What thought are you taken back to? How have these perceptions or experiences shaped you to be today? Is this thought relevant to what you can physically see in front of you right now? Most importantly are these stories still benefitting you? Is it time to let this thought / story of failure go?

Our present meaning of validation or success in connection to what we have may once experienced, speaks millions to our connections, actions and beliefs within our present lives! I want you to come back to that first time you remember yourself “failing or not succeeding at something” the first time you may have had to second guess your abilities in not meeting set standards. Write this down! Usually this stems back to our childhood or early teens, an element or first knock down, digging away from internal acceptance to external validation!

The element of self worth beyond failure is a key concept that I work along side the Emotional Awareness techniques that I apply within my Clients Coaching Sessions, we look at creating a new space within ourselves for our thought processes, actions, feelings and words to go to, instead of that old story, or what I like to call the “Emotional Home”. Your emotional home serves almost like a “victim state”, that avenue you always rely on to say.. “Well this happened to me then, so it explains why I do this” or “I always feel this way so what’s going to change”.. essentially it is your justification safety net from not accepting your experiences, a thought processes that helps simply validate, “why you do what you do, or why you are who you are?” Question.. is this emotional home really where you want to be living?

If expectations, pressure or results were non existent how would you be feeling?

To create a more lovingly accountable, present and enriching emotional home we must continually commit to ridding the idea and meaning of Failure to something more life enhancing! Right now the word Failure is exiting your vocabulary! Notice how much resistance comes up for you, if you begin to question this process.. that exact feeling is all you need to work from to push past that thought itself, to create a new perspective of growth! Let me throw you a curve ball here..

In life there are neither successes or failures, simply lessons! The more we live by our personal passions, confident responses and live life for ourselves, the need for external validation, from people, objects, substances, job titles you name it will become less and less, rather finding the feeling of success more accessible within any task. With this the understanding and appreciation for what our “failure’s” can teach us, where they can lead us and the sense of actionable meaning we can take from them, not only makes our present more fulfilling but the unknown that little bit more exciting rather than fearful”


Know that what ever has gone on in your past doesn’t make you, it will teach you, shape you and guide you to a place of nourishing direction! When we can come within and work from that powerful place within ourselves, over the stories that keep us safe and small, we choose to see the lessons and good in all that we do, we will never have failure’s, but understanding and guidance to a place of ongoing acceptance of our process!

Today I am open to the lessons that are brought my way

The amount of energy that we continue to place on a non present, past version of ourselves is a key direction that we may have to do some work on to break this thought process.. what past story or failure are you still living by? What small step can you take to create a more present one! The more we live in our past, the less of our energy we are feeding into our purpose and present! Most of the time we set ourselves out of the alignment and action of successful feelings because we have already created the ending of our tasks or aspirations before even starting them! “The worst thing that could come from trying this is a lesson” using this intention, what are you wanting to try that a story has been keeping you away from doing so? When ever you try to tell yourself that you can’t do something.. have you actually tried it to be able to give yourself that resulting outcome?

Our thoughts will always go to that place of comfortability and safety as we are programmed to survive! How ever the more amount of small, manageable and achievable tasks that we do for ourselves daily, will take us to the place of actionable excitement over the fear of failure around pressures we place on ourselves for a result!

So if you can do one thing for yourself today.. start small! Lower your expectations and take that one simple step that is sitting you in the alignment of where you want to be! Today see what it feels like for you to do something for yourself without the need of a result, but just doing it because it feels good to you! Things aren’t always going to go to plan.. that is just life! The awareness we build within these times are the powerhouses of choice within gifting our responsive perceptions within this space. Remember success is achieved through enlightened feeling of personal achievement.. your failure’s are not failure’s but avenue’s of information of where you are to go next! Trust your process, sit in your loving perspective of lesson’s!